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About Melissa Unsell

Meet Melissa.  An E-Discovery marketer, wine shop owner/blogger, & an urbanite who loves travel, wine, fashion, friends, urban revitalization, volunteering & the great outdoors.

Melissa has lived in San Antonio for 15 years and loves the unique city vibe.  Melissa’s curious nature often has her day dreaming about living life in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, the rolling vineyards of Burgundy, the ever-bustling Madrid, or even a villa in Tuscany.

For now, Melissa’s indulges in these locations through a libation most of us love, wine!

Melissa started enjoying and drinking wine at the age of 25.  Since then, she’s become an ‘oh so chic’ oenophile.  Upon meeting Melissa, you’ll quickly find that she is effortlessly stylish.  She is reserved, but open and fun all the same time. Melissa loves educating people about wine and is currently studying to obtain the Level II Wine Spirit and Education Trust Certificate.

Melissa dedicates most of her time to being a Marketing Director for an eDiscovery firm as well as managing marketing efforts for Vinously Speaking.  When not keeping busy with those activities, Melissa is committed to taking an active role in the community. Melissa enjoys being involved in a myriad of activities, as she believes they allow for personal expansion, increased knowledge, and engaged citizenship that provides depth and excitement in her career and personal life.

Melissa is an avid volunteer for the Junior League of San Antonio, the North San Antonio Chamber, the Leadership Organization of Professionals. Melissa’s local interests also include urban revitalization and sustainability. Melissa enjoys being knowledgeable of community projects and initiatives, and has invested time with SA2020, the community stakeholder meetings for Hemisfair, as well as the Better Block Projects and Downtown Alliance events.

Best of all, she dedicates a lot of time learning about wine, talking about wine, and fine-tuning her palate.

Melissa possesses prestige and congeniality, all while having a contagious persona.  She’s compassionate, adventurous, inclusive, has great strength of character, an engaging mind, and an interesting cosmopolitan demure. In a wine barrel, {nutshell}, that’s Melissa!

More Fun Facts

Melissa Likes:
-Meeting new people.  You can never have too many friends!
-The outdoors
-82 degree weather
-Candy corn
-Upscale comfort food
-Supporting non-chain, local restaurants
-The beach

Melissa Dislikes:
-Grocery shopping
-Being bored

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