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Frenchie Le Boyfriend

Pistachio Cake

Bella On The River – The Riverwalk’s Portal to Southern Europe

  You know those times when you meet someone, and even though you just them, you feel like you have known them for years? That happened to me about 3 weeks ago. My sister treated me to a dinner which I like to refer to as the “8 time Flavorgasm” put on by the Texas Cooks Co-Op. It was the… Read more →

Weissbier at Altdorf Biergarten in Fredericksburg, TX

Missing Frenchie Le Boyfriend

Frenchie Le Boyfriend comes to San Antonio regularly to visit. His most latest travels here were from February 29 – March 9th. I am missing how awesome it is to be next to him sharing wine, food, good times with friends, soundtrack-to-our-lives music, and just being dorky together! Here are some of the things we enjoyed together while he was here … Read more →

My good friend Muscadet

By Vinously Francais AKA Stephane I would like to tell you about a wine that I consider an old friend: Muscadet. This old friend of mine is very often looked down on, or even unknown :(. And I feel like it’s my mission to set the record straight. First, let me tell you what Muscadet is. The grape used to… Read more →

Social Wine Education #2 – The Newest VS Wine Blogger Revealed

If you have been keeping up with the Vinously Speaking posts lately you know that we are in the works of adding a new blogger to Vinously Speaking!! In a recent post we told you that the new blogger was going to be revealed at our 2nd Social Wine Education Event held at Max’s Wine Dive here in San Antonio (and for those of you who were unable to attend that event, I gave you three hints in that post as to who this new blogger is).

So without further ado, Vinously Speaking would like to introduce you to our newest wine blogger … Read more →