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Insalata di Mare at Luce Ristorante & Enoteca

I don’t usually drool, but when I do … it’s at Luce Ristorante & Enoteca

Emily, the food blogger behind Defining Delicious, had an idea to bring together some San Antonio wine and food bloggers. Aside from the dire need for us all to have good food and good wine in front of us at all times, the real reason for this meetup was to bring the Alamo City’s vinous and culinary blogging voices together to bring more attention, focus, light, critique, etc. on the delicious things happening here! So many other cities have platforms for local bloggers to network, discuss, share (give each other even bigger blogger heads :P) but San Antonio in all its rapid growth is just a wee bit behind on the food and wine blogger meetups … but I have a feeling that won’t be the case for much longer. Read more →

2007 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon

Don’t Passover Kosher Wines

By Vinously Speaking aka Veronique Cecilia Barretto One of the three VS Wine Bloggers Now, I’m not Jewish, but that doesn’t stop me from showing some vinous love to kosher wines, especially during Passover, which begins tomorrow April 6, 2012, at sundown. Also, I think kosher wines still need a bit of advocacy here to keep people from thinking that only Jewish drink them and/or… Read more →