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Pop Up Wine Shop to Take Over Vacant Downtown Location

Join us in the month of December for our Pop Up Wine Tasting Room! Vinously Speaking and Fresh Urban Flowers partner with the City of San Antonio to activate the Historic Book Building downtown. The City is launching OPEN to activate vacant downtown properties on Houston Street by introducing temporary retail locations that engages customers and authenticates downtown as a… Read more →

Gourmet Ice Cream, Followed by Verdejo

By Melissa Unsell Let’s take a short reprieve from wine, just a short one, and talk ice cream. Ice cream cools us down on a hot summer day; why not make it gourmet! Check out these tasty ideas (click image to enlarge). *Image from InStyle magazine, June issue 2013 Once you’ve cooled down, please replace that empty spoon (immediately!) with… Read more →


Exploring the Santa Cruz Mountains: Ridge and Pichetti Vineyards

By Melissa Unsell   An enduring, rustic 15 mile climb up the Santa Cruz mountains has me eager and full of joy. We make our ascent with our first destination being Ridge Vineyards. The destination just may take your breath away.  Upon arriving, I almost stumble clumsily because I’m too busy looking down at Silicon Valley below (see images in… Read more →

TONIGHT: Vinously Speaking Hosts LOOP & Promotes Transit Tuesday

Vinously Speaking hosts a special wine tasting TONIGHT for the Leadership Organization of Professionals (LOOP) to help promote the organization’s month long Transit Tuesday promotion. Join us from 5:30pm – 7:30pm tonight for this special tasting.  About LOOP Leadership Organization of Professionals is a community of young professional advocates equipped with knowledge and resources required to transform our city. LOOPers… Read more →

Shopping Local Propels the Economy

By Melissa Unsell It’s a movement that’s creating synergy across the globe – one that involves entrepreneurs, small-businesses and market disrupters – all changing our world one business at a time.    Once a concept mandated due to lack of resources and technology, the concept of buying local is the new mantra. It’s a fact that small-businesses support the economy… Read more →