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Wine Tastings

Failla Wines – The common ‘thread’ running through them

Does drinking wine ever make you think of music?

Have you ever taken a sip of that delicious vinous nectar and the first thought through your mind is a song? Or a melody?

Or perhaps the words someone uses to describe a wine makes you recall a song?

Well it happens to me quite a bit, but most recently a wine made me think of an entire album!

I had the delightful opportunity to be invited by Serendipity Wine Imports representative, Felicia Gonzales to taste a few of the Failla (pronounced FAY-la) Wine selection. We met up at a local seafood bar called Sandbar located at the Pearl Brewery here in San Antonio along with Matt Naumann, assistant winemaker at Failla Wines, and Sandbar sommelier, Adam Spencer. We sat down to a sun-kissed table covered in white linen and fancy silver spoons and spitoons (fancy!) As I was being poured the first wine I remember Matt saying how Failla wines all had a common thread of lively acidity running through all the wines. This is what sparked my memory to think of an entire album to pair with these wines … Read more →

Exploring the Santa Cruz Mountains: Ridge and Pichetti Vineyards

By Melissa Unsell   An enduring, rustic 15 mile climb up the Santa Cruz mountains has me eager and full of joy. We make our ascent with our first destination being Ridge Vineyards. The destination just may take your breath away.  Upon arriving, I almost stumble clumsily because I’m too busy looking down at Silicon Valley below (see images in… Read more →

[Re-Post] Willamette Valley – A Version of Burgundy in the U.S. Part Three

Another beautiful day in the valley.  Today we venture into Newburg to visit more great wineries and continue our Pinot Noir adventure. We started at Adelsheim with a trade tour from Matt.  We tasted wines in distribution.  Most wineries in the valley produce a Rose of Pinot Noir in the summer and begin the tasting with the dry, pink stuff.… Read more →

[Re-Post] Willamette Valley – A Version of Burgundy in the U.S. Part Two

  Here in the valley, the sun rises around 5:30am. At that time the stillness and serenity is gracefully interrupted by birds chirping and welcoming the morning sun. Brian and I spent the morning having coffee under the pine tree in the middle of the vineyards – the weather was brisk with great sunshine.   Today we had a driver… Read more →