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2007 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon

Don’t Passover Kosher Wines

By Vinously Speaking aka Veronique Cecilia Barretto One of the three VS Wine Bloggers Now, I’m not Jewish, but that doesn’t stop me from showing some vinous love to kosher wines, especially during Passover, which begins tomorrow April 6, 2012, at sundown. Also, I think kosher wines still need a bit of advocacy here to keep people from thinking that only Jewish drink them and/or… Read more →

Vinously Speaking’s 200th Post!

Can you believe it?
Our 200th post ?!?!
That’s a lot of words!
AND a lot of wine!

To celebrate our 200th post, we decided to skip the typing and make a wine review video instead! And not just any wine review video … we combined with another San Antonio wine blogger, Mark Fusco of 1337 Wine Blog, who was also on his 200th post (what a coincidence) and did a 3 part 200th video-post in which we reviewed some delightful and delicious wine samples sent to us by Biltmore Estates, Ole Imports, & Arnaldo-Caprai Winery. Read more →

Social Wine Education #1 – Bastille Day Bash!!

Bonjour! Comment vas-tu? Vous parlez francais, n’est-ce pas? Don’t worry, I am not THAT mean to write a post in french … although I know a few readers out there who would enjoy that. One day french speaking readers, one day – but not today. But offend not my french readership … I did you proud! Vinously Speaking marked a… Read more →