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A Value Bordeaux In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Vineyard

by Stephane aka “Vinously Francais”


I’ve been a Bordeaux aficionado my all life because that is the wine my parents go for by default, that and Muscadet with seafood … I’m from Nantes, you know.


And then, one day, I met The Ceci Sipper and she made me drink all sorts of “weird” beverages like non-french wines, can you imagine that ??? (Yes, many French people still have trouble to think that other countries make quality wines).


As you might know already, The Ceci Sipper and I used to live in Burgundy, a region that has been Bordeaux’s rival since the beginning of times. (I have heard of stories, where Burgundy and Bordeaux families who get married, have to be sure to serve only Bordeaux wines to the Bordeaux side and Burgundy to the Burgundians). Of course, living there, we got acquainted with the complicated Burgundian appellation system, and were rewarded by being able to drink some of the best wines from there, Puligny Montrachet on Fete de la Musique with the infamous Olivier Leflaive … priceless!


But, last week, I came back home to Nantes, and then reconciled with Bordeaux in the most delicious way possible: by drinking a great value Bordeaux: Le Colombier de Château Brown 2005, from Pessac-Léognan (in the Graves region on the left bank in Bordeaux).

This wine is 14,59 € ($19,33) retail and let me tell you that it is worth much more !


It is not your classic, almost boring, middle-range Bordeaux, it is on the dark chocolate side, raspberry jam, insanely balanced tannins and holds Bordeaux’s reputation to pair well with comfort food, in my case, mashed potatoes and roast beef.


I’m not much a chocolate enthusiast but I have to admit that this wine would pair great with a “quatre-quarts au chocolat” aka chocolate pound cake, because it would balance the sweetness and complement the chocolate flavor.


I leave you to mouth drool now, and see if you can find this value Bordeaux. As for me, I’m going back home next weekend and I’m calling my parents to ask them to buy another of these bottles.


by Stephane aka “Vinously Francais”

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