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Happy Birthday To “Frenchie Le Boyfriend” :)

Yes, VS readers ... I shall once again interrupt the regular scheduled VS posting to wish a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life - Frenchie Le Boyfriend :)


Yes, VS readers … I shall once again interrupt the regular scheduled VS posting to wish a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life – Frenchie Le Boyfriend :)

With Frenchie Le Boyfriend and I being an ocean and 2 continents away from each other right now, I had to get a little crafty in celebrating his birthday this year. So what did your crafty ‘Ceci Sipper’ do? I decided that a ‘Make & Eat Chili Together Skype Session’ was the way to go :) Why?

Because Spanish Canary Islanders first invented chili HERE in San Antonio, Texas (where I am from and live now) and because chili is the official dish of the state of Texas. WOOT WOOT!

Yep, you’re seeing that correctly, lol. I emailed Frenchie Le Boyfriend my chili shopping list and today we made the same chili to eat together. If we couldn’t celebrate his birthday by being physically together, we were gonna get as close as we could, lol.

Frenchie Le Boyfriend seems to think his chili came out better than mine, but I only let him think so because today was his birthday, lol.

There’s my chili! Y’all know I love to cook, so let me just tell you, I make one of the best chili’s around. And yes, I accept challengers, so bring it on!

And to make this Chili & Skype Session even better, Frenchie Le Boyfriend‘s family joined us for dinner! It was like I was sitting right there at the dinner table with them! We had a great time! I was so happy to be able to speak French with them:)!

To pair with the chili, Frenchie Le Boyfriend and his family had a Crozes-Hermitage from the northern Rhone wine region and I had a California Rhone style wine called ‘Chateau La Paws’ from Rosenblum Cellars. You might pair chili with a beer or a dry rose even, but if you are red wine fan like me, Syrah based wines are a great pairing for Chili. (Red wines from Crozes-Hermitage are all Syrah based and the ‘Chateau La Paws’ is 70% Syrah.) Why is this? Because Syrah echoes the spiciness and heartiness, or weight, found in chili :)

I am so grateful for the technology today! It was such a treat to be able to ‘be there’ for Frenchie Le Boyfriend’s birthday dinner!

Now normally I would end this post here, but in my last post, I gave my sister and brother special VS names for their birthday, so I suppose it is only fair that I give Frenchie Le Boyfriend one for his birthday:) I’m going to keep calling him Frenchie Le Boyfriend because I have been calling him Frenchie Le Boyfriend since the beginning of this blog, but for this one birthday post, he shall receive a special VS name. He shall be given the VS name of:

“The Frenchie Fronsac”

So why “The Frenchie Fronsac” ?

Because our absolute favorite wine comes from the wine appellation of Fronsac.

This wine takes home the gold for the most delicious wine I’ve tasted. My #1 favorite wine? This one is it, hands down.

This vinous delight hits all the attractive points about a wine. It has near perfect fruit, tannin, acidity, structure and balance that would make a grown man weep, and the best part is, it won’t burn a hole in your wallet when you buy it. We would buy this wine from our favorite wine shop in Dijon, Bertrand Joinville’s “O Gre Du Vin” (I miss you a ton Bertrand!) and we usually would buy the magnum size (= 2 standard wine bottles) for about 32 euros (44 dollars) for the both of us to enjoy! I know what you are thinking …  “A MAGNUM for the two of you, Ceci Sipper?!?”  – I know, I know. But seriously, if you try this wine, you would also know why a minimum of 1 bottle per person is absolutely necessary.

Now just because I was nice and shared my all time favorite wine with you, don’t be trying to go out buy it all up. This wine is ours! We called it!

If we were dogs … we’d be marking this territory!

Frenchie, if you are reading this post, (which you better be, haha) go out and buy more of this wine ASAP, just in case! You never know with these VS readers, lol.

Ok, so back to “Fronsac” – Some of you may know what this is and some others of you may not. So just to be sure, I am going to give you the vinous lesson for this post. “Fronsac” is a small wine appellation in Bordeaux located west of Saint Émilion and Pomerol, where the Dordogne (door-doh-n) and the Isle rivers meet.

(image linked to source)


The dominant grape here is Merlot, which is helped out by the Cabernet-Franc grape.  Fronsac wines have lots of body and a great consistency which comes from the combination of the Merlot’s roundness/fruitiness and the tannins from Cabernet-Franc. The wines have a deliciously powerful nose of red berries, wood, vanilla, pepper, and spices. And a little factoid to end this vinous lesson – I read that Fronsac was the preferred wine appellation of Charlemagne! And there you have it folks, a bit of vinous lesson for you :) And you thought you weren’t going to learn anything about wine today ;) If you feel like learning more about Fronsac, here is the link to the Fronsac AOC website.

Hope you enjoyed Frenchie Le Boyfriend’s birthday post!

Happy Birthday “The Frenchie Fronsac” aka Frenchie Le Boyfriend!

Je t’aime!

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