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Missing Frenchie Le Boyfriend

 By Vinously Speaking aka Veronique Cecilia Barretto

For you longtime VS readers, family, and friends … you know the ‘boy meets girl’ story here on Vinously Speaking. For you new readers, or those not in the ‘know’ … let me sum it up for you:

  • June 07 – Frenchie Le Boyfriend & American Girl meet in San Antonio, TX
  • They discover mutual obsession for good food, wine, company, and music.
  • They spend almost everyday together for his last 2 months in San Antonio.
  • September 07 – They commence Phase 1 of looong distance relationship.
  • June 08  – American Girl moves to France for school & Frenchie Le Boyfriend.
  • Food/Wine -gasms & total awesomeness ensues.
  • Dec 10 – School visa expires, American Girl moves back to San Antonio.
  • They commence Phase 2 of looong distance relationship.

[ Enter sad face :( ]

Since the beginning of Phase 2 looong distance relationship, Frenchie Le Boyfriend comes to San Antonio regularly to visit. His most latest travels here being from February 29 – March 9th.

Now he is gone and I am missing how awesome it is to be next to him sharing wine, food, good times with friends, soundtrack-to-our-lives music, and just being dorky together! Here is a photo compilation of some of the things we enjoyed together while he was here:


Here are somethings we were really diggin’ while Frenchie Le Boyfriend was here in San Antonio:

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