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My good friend Muscadet

By Vinously Francais AKA Stephane

I would like to tell you about a wine that I consider an old friend: Muscadet. This old friend of mine is very often looked down on, or even unknown :(. And I feel like it’s my mission to set the record straight.

First, let me tell you what Muscadet is. The grape used to make Muscadet is Melon de Bourgogne (Melon of Burgundy in French), it is called that because Burgundian monks brought it to the Nantes region back in 1709 when Louis XIV realized that it could sustain extreme cold temperature. So please do me a favor, remember … Muscadet is the type of wine, the grape it is made from is Melon de Bourgogne, and don’t let anyone tell you different :)

So where did my good friend Muscadet grow up? Muscadet is made in the green area on the map below which shows all the wine regions around the Loire River :

Muscadet is definitely the friend you want to have at your table and will be happy to be there as long as his best friends oysters, any member of the fish family, or a Selles-Sur-Cher goat cheese, are invited as well.

Muscadet is not high maintenance, he doesn’t need to sit forever (decant), before you can enjoy his company. Some say he is always the same, I say he is consistently great, bringing joyous hints of citrus, and flirtations of acidity … he even sometimes has almond or creamy notes! (depending on if you let him sit on his yeasts while he is aging in the barrel).

If you VS readers have a chance to come across my old friend Muscadet, please invite him to your table and you won’t regret it. I have word from The Ceci Sipper that there is a great Muscadet (inexpensive too) at the SandBar in the Quarry, and it can be paired with their delicious oyster sampler. Also, I have strong reason to believe that The Ceci Sipper and Vinously Chic’s Melissa Unsell will soon be carrying a few Muscadets at their new San Antonio wine shop (Vinously Speaking – An Eclectic Wine Shop ) as they are also fans of this vinous Nantais delight!

And remember, help me spread the word about my good friend Muscadet. Ask for him at restaurants and wine shops, and if they don’t offer him … tell them they should!

Vive le Muscadet!

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