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Social Wine Education #2 – The Newest VS Wine Blogger Revealed

If you have been keeping up with the Vinously Speaking posts lately you know that we are in the works of adding a new blogger to Vinously Speaking!! In a recent post we told you that the new blogger was going to be revealed at our 2nd Social Wine Education Event held at Max’s Wine Dive here in San Antonio (and for those of you who were unable to attend that event, I gave you three hints in that post as to who this new blogger is).

So without further ado, Vinously Speaking would like to introduce you to our newest wine blogger …

Stephane Adjou!! aka Frenchie Le Boyfriend :) We are so happy to add a new voice to this blog, and not just any voice! Stephane will be bringing a learning voice, an Old World voice, and a masculine one! Stephane is certainly a longtime wine lover, someone who has been exposed to wine since a young age (gotta love those European upbringings). He knows what he likes and enjoys the many aromas and flavors wine has to offer, but like many of you, the ‘nerdy’ and ‘academic’ side of wine is something that he wants to spend more time learning about. I am hoping many of you will take advantage of reading his posts and learn right along with him! Additionally, you will also have the opportunity to read from the point of view of a GenY/Millenial who grew up in an Old World wine culture (a wine culture very different than a New World one). Lastly, you have the wonderful addition of blog posts from a man’s vinous point of view … concise wine reviews? wine colors described in basic colors only? sports & wine pairings? lol.

So one more time … Let’s give Stephane a HUGE Vinously Speaking welcome!!!! Keep your eyes out for his first post coming out soon!

So for those of you who couldn’t make it out to our 2nd Social Wine Education event, let me continue this post by recounting the fun times had by all! Can you believe we had 50 people show up!! Woohoo!

The theme of the evening was “Bonjour vs Hola – France vs Spain”.

We had 2 white wines, 2 rose wines, and 2 red wines – each group had a Spanish representative and a French one :)

For the ‘educational’ aspect of this event we drafted up these neat documents giving people a bit of basic information on the French and Spanish wine industries and food pairings for the wines we were tasting. (If you would like an online copy of this document, I would be happy to email you one, just leave a comment on this post).

To cover the tasting notes, we brought along a white board to create community tasting notes of sorts. It was fun to read all the words/phrases people used to describe the wines! This is going to be permanent addition to these events. People are more willing to write tasting notes when they can be ‘anonymous’. This photo was taken earlier on in the evening, after a few tastes of wine, the words begin to flow onto this board much easier … and more creatively to say the least ;P

The finger foods that Max’s Wine Dive served up for the event were perfect for this Old World face off! Cheeses, cured meats, pates, bruschettas, pain grille, olives, and pickled veggies … Mmmmm!

Max’s Wine Dive offered the 6 wines tasted at the event at a special ‘take-home price’ for out guests and they were also generous enough to offer a raffle for one lucky guest :) Let’s just say, you wanted your name in that raffle!

We also made sure to embed Vinously Speaking into the craniums of our guests with various decorations around the event area …

Our Vinously Speaking shirts being the primary decor :)

Gotta love the back of the shirt! (FYI, our shirts are for sale!)

Of the 6 wines we tasted that evening, the winner (and their food pairing) of each category was …

For the white wines, the 2010 Bodegas Avelino Vegas “Montespina”, made from the Verdejo grape and coming from Rueda, Spain. You can pair Verdejo with food much in the same way you might a Sauvignon Blanc. These wines are best paired with fresh herbs, salads, soups, green veggie dishes and other sharp ingredients such as tomatoes and olives. Fish and shellfish are also natural partners. Choose dishes that are aromatic and higher in acidity. Cheese pairings would include fresh cheeses like goat, ricotta, feta, brie, and mozzarella.

For the Rosés, the 2010 Tortoise Creek Dry Rose made from Grenache grapes from the southwestern area of the Pays d’Oc in France was the winner. Dry rosés are great pairings for alfresco fare and spicy foods. Try these wines next time you have dinner outdoors, with BBQ, with antipasto platters, with Mexican, Indian or Thai food! Cheese pairings would include cheeses with spices in them and fresh cheeses like goat and feta.

And in the red category, Tortoise Creek won again with their 2010  Tortoise Creek Red made from the Carignan grape from the Pays d’Oc area of France. This type of red wine is perfect for all you meat lovers out there. So brave the heat and grill some meat outdoors, and throw some veggies on the grill too and keep that waistline trim :) This red wine is a great pairing for cheddar cheeses, mild blue cheeses, and hard cheeses like Asiago and Parmegan.

We had such an insanely successful event! WE are looking forward to our 3rd Social Wine Education event coming up at the end of September (details to come in a separate post). We would like to thank all of you who came out to support our efforts in developing the wine culture of the great city of San Antonio! We would also like to thank our hosts, Max’s Wine Dive! For those of you who attended the event, please feel free to leave comments on this post and let us know how you enjoyed the event, the wines, the venue, and any other ideas or comments you would like to share :)


I leave you with fun shots from the crowd in attendance! And a BIG, HUGE thank you goes out to our two budding photographers of the evening Demetrius Tapia & Anthony Cruz !! Great photos guys! We look forward to booking you for our next event!

See y’all at the next Social Wine Education event!

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