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The Long Distance Relationship Valentine’s Day

Most couples are going out for a fancy dinner tonight, cooking a romantic meal at home, or going to a movie. Perhaps they were lucky enough to even spend the weekend in a log cabin, going wine tasting, and having a 4 course dinner at a vineyard (cough, cough, Mom & Dad). But not for this couple. Frenchie le Boyfriend and I are what you would call a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG Distance Relationship. 5000 miles long. So what do couples do when the miles (or kilometers) separate them?

They have a “Drink-Bubbly-Together-On-Skype-Valentine’s-Date”, of course! :)

Frenchie le Boyfriend had a dozen white chocolate strawberries delivered to me by Edible Arrangements. They are my favorite! So much better then flowers, because you can devour these! (Well, I suppose you could also devour flowers, whatever floats your boat right?)

Isn’t the note he sent with the strawberries just sooo sweet :) All together now … “Awwwwwww!”

For our bubbly choices, we both bought bubbly to drink together. Frenchie had a bottle of Taittinger Champagne and I had a MAGNUM of La Castella Prosecco. (Such a show off, right ;) ? After this wine blogger took her 60+ photos, we finally sat down to have our first glass, it was about 10pm for him and 3pm for me.

Nothing like drinking bubbly mid-afternoon on a Monday.

Now, don’t get to thinking I finished that whole bottle alone, haha. I bought it so that there would be left overs for my family to enjoy as well. Aren’t I sweet? Or bubbly rather.

This Prosecco is a fresh, dry bubbly with flavors of white peach, pears, and a bit of green apple. This is certainly an easy drinking bubbly and a great option for any party (or a wild, romantic night for two! wink, wink). A great tasting magnum (= 2 standard wine bottles) for $9.99 at World Market … that is definitely a steal!

Sippin’ some bubbly at 3pm on a Monday with Frenchie on webcam. Can Monday’s get any better? (Well besides having Frenchie here, lol).

Devouring white chocolate covered strawberries! They were DELICIOUS! Edible Arrangements knows what they are doing!

Mmmmm, happy palate :)

They were gone within minutes!

Hope you enjoyed my Long Distance Relationship Valentine’s Day :) What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Any delicious wines I should know about?
Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, my VS readers! XOXO!

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