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It’s like getting pied in the face, only this is a wine blog and not a pie!

I just spent the last 6 hours uploading SHLOADS of photos for the next 10 posts on this blog! I realized I was taking way too long to RECAP the wines I drank back in the States over the holiday and ALL the wine I am drinking back here in France is realllllly adding up. So I decided to upload the pictures that I will be needing to catch us up! All I need to do is add the witty and HI-larious explanations, stories and captions to them. So be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID. There will be an onslaught of posts in the coming days!! This is going to be like getting pied in the face with a virtual pie….only this is a wine blog and not a pie….but whatever. Anyways, it is 4:27am here in Dijon and I am far too tired to bust one of those bad boys out right now…plus I would probably say something I would really regret as I am becoming quite hallucinatory in these wee hours. But I did have enough wits about me to write this post to give you a heads up and tell y’all I miss you.

Smootchies & Nighty Night =)

I might regret saying “smootchies” in the morning, but whatever, it sounds cute right now =)

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours
The Ceci Sipper

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