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My Challenge #4 for Project Wine Blog

Challenge #4: Picture Perfect (Week of Oct 11th)
Photos of a wine bottle, a vineyard, or a wine cellar … they have stories behind them! Take a moment and dig through the ‘Pictures’ folder in your computer. Pick some of your favorite wine related photos and post a ‘photo journey’ for your wine blog readers. Be creative and feel free to tell your readers why those photos mean a lot to you and your wine journey! (No limit here … pick 1 or pick 50, it’s your ‘photo journey’!)

As a reminder **This (and all subsequent challenges) were altered from the Food Buzz’s “Project Food Blog“. This is just a way for wine bloggers to get in on all the fun!**

Here you are folks, I went through ALL of my photo files and came up with my ‘vinous’ photo journey! Below you will find photos of people that have inspired me on my wine journey, special people that have supported me through this vinous adventure, photos of wines from recent months that really stuck out for me, special wine places I have been to or wine memories I hold dear! There are quite a lot of photos, 60 to be exact, so just to make this a bit easier for you to digest, I just uploaded the photo gallery instead of each individual photo. I left out any links or description, because otherwise you would be here ‘until the cows come home’ and the point of this is just to ‘paint a picture’ for you of what goes through my mind when I think of my wine adventures here in France! To read the captions for these photos, all you have to do is scroll your mouse over them. If you want a closer look at the picture, just click on them! I hope you enjoy!

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  1. November 2, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Oh, I just love that kir photo. The best!

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