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Project Wine Blog: My Challenge #7 – Wine Video 411

Must make a small break in my series of posts on the European Wine Bloggers Conference to bring you Challenge # 7 from Project Wine Blog. For those of you who are new to this blog, Project Wine Blog is my self-created wine blogger version of FoodBuzz’s Project Food Blog 10 Week Challenge going on right now. I am following the same schedule as they are, only I altered the challenges to be a bit more ‘vinous’ =) We are now on …

Challenge #7: Wine Video 411
Lights. Camera. Drink Wine! Which wine blogger has the best wine videos that leave you unable to resist opening up a bottle of vino? Wine bloggers – pick you favorite wine videos (yours or someone else) and put them up in a post … again, the number of videos is irrelevant, this is your video post, have fun with it!

To see the list of the Project Wine Blog Challenges as well as the original Project Food Blog one’s, you can read this previous VS post.

So below you will find a few wine videos I find amusing … hope you enjoy!

See ya’ll for the Challenge #8 … and the next EWBC post! =)

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