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Joe Saglimbeni Tuesday Wine Tasting Withdrawal

Symptoms include and occur only on Tuesday between 5-8:30pm:

  • Slight feeling of sadness
  • The sudden urge to eat delicious homemade Italian pasta salad
  • The desire to drink wine in a tree house
  • Hallucinations of several wines lined up in a row

It’s not pretty I tell you. It wasn’t one of my finest moments when my neighbor caught me in their tree house hugging a bottle of wine mumbling, “Saglimbeni … Wine … Tuesday … Tasting … Treehouse.”

Haha, I kid. That didn’t really happen … but it very well could have! I mean, I love wine tastings, but never have I had these such withdrawal symptoms for one before. I had to miss the last two Joe Saglimbeni Tuesday Wine Tastings because I was in Los Angeles two weeks for my five year college reunion and then the next Tuesday I was cheering for my little brother as he crossed the stage at his high school graduation. All very important and all, but I am ever so excited to be heading back to my favorite wine tasting tonight!! Why is it my favorite you ask?


Well first of all … they are so supportive of Vinously Speaking wine blog! About a month back they dedicated a Tuesday wine tasting to welcome Vinously Speaking and all of its friends, readers, followers, fanatics, evangelists, stalkers, etc!

There were about 35 people who showed up to show some Vinously Speaking love and to discover the awesomeness that is the Joe Saglimbeni Wine Tastings (and Wine Shop) !! I was able to snap a few photos of the fabulous people who made it out:

It was just awesome to see my name in these little posters all over the store. I’m not gonna lie, I felt pretty cool that night!

I was also joined by my new and amazing co-blogger Melissa Unsell who writes the Vinously Chic posts here on Vinoulsy Speaking :)

I also love meeting the winemakers, distributors, representatives they invite to conduct the wine tastings on Tuesdays. This is such a great networking opportunity for me and for anyone else in the wine industry. For those of you who are the wine drinkers, well you get a first hand account of how the wines are made, the stories behind each one, and even connections for your future travels to various wine countries. For example, if you are headed to the Barcelona area of Spain, you can call on Juanjo Pinol with Pinol Vineyards. He is the winemaker and was invited to come conduct the Tuesday wine tasting about a month ago of his spectacular and delicious line of wines. If you head out there and would like to stop for a visit/tasting at his winery tell him Vinously Speaking sent you :) Here is a picture of myself and my mom with Juanjo:

And a sampling of other guests who come out and show off their wines :)

Certainly one of the parts I obviously miss are all the great wines I find/discover at these tastings/store:

To name a few … the white wine blend of Garnacha aka Garnache, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, and Macabeo grapes made by Juanjo Pinol called “Portal White”. This wine is refreshing and full of aromas of tropical fruits and flowers, perfect for those hot summer days! (This bottle retails for $16.99, but at that Tuesday tasting you get 25% off of the wines being tasted so I paid $12.74 … another fantastic reason to come out to these tastings!)

The red wine version of the Portal line called “Portal Roble” was fabulous as well! This wine is the blend of Garnacha, Tempranillo, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. A very expressive and well balanced wine with aromas of dark ripe fruits, vanilla, wood, and light hints of herbs :) Mmmm!! (This wine retails for $19.99, but with the Tuesday Tasting discount it was $14.99!)

Juanjo even signed a couple bottles for us and made sure to let us know we are welcome anytime for a VIP tour at Pinol Cellars!

So being that it is 5pm here in San Antonio and I still need to ready myself for the tasting tonight, I must bid you adieu! I’ll see you back here on Vinously Speaking very soon! Cheers!

P.S. My apologies for my one month hiatus, ahhh! Things got pretty crazy there for awhile. I will write another post tonight explaining all the craziness that transpired this last month.

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