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“The Month” Hiatus Explanations


I know …

y’all are incredibly mad at me for being MIA from the blog for a month.

You have been visiting my blog multiple times a day wondering, “WTF, when in the heck is this *Dang* Ceci Sipper going to get a POST SOMETHIN’ ON HERE ?!?!?!”

Ya right. I know I’m exaggerating. Y’all only check this site once a day …


A girl can flatter herself can’t she?


Ok, so back to reality. It really was a month long hiatus and I feel horrible about it. But I have really good reasons for it :) Wanna read em? If not, see ya later. If so … then read on :)

Reason #1 -My Dad’s Crazy Obsession With BBQ

My dad has a side business doing BBQ catering. He really out did himself this time. He enlisted my services to help him cater the Windcrest Fireman’s Picnic. We had to make BBQ plates for 1600 folks. Yeeeehaw!! I was elbow deep in potato salad, beans, coleslaw and BBQ sauce! So that pretty much took up a good solid week.

Reason #2 – My Ever-Obnoxious-Yet-Totally-Lovable Siblings

Within this month long hiatus, both my sister and brother had graduation ceremonies and grad parties. My sister graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word here in San Antonio, TX and my brother graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School (he is going to be heading out to Southwestern University in the fall, woot, woot)!

Reason #3 – The Irresistible French Accent & Showing Off At The College Reunion

Not to age myself or anything, lol, but I went to Los Angeles for my five year college reunion (Occidental College). Frenchie le Boyfriend met me there and we spent a week eating at fabulous restaurants, drinking gorgeous wines, and soaking up the So Cal sun. Then the last three days I showed Frenchie off at my college reunion (and our dear friend Alvin joined us for that … Cake or Death? {Inside Joke} ). This LA trip and all its food and wines deserves a special post on its own, so that is what I will do later/tomorrow :)

Reason #4 – I was hired to spend a week on a pirate ship doing wine lessons for the pirate crew.

Lesson #1 for them … how to open a wine bottle with yer teeth … or at least the ones they still have :P


The last one may or may not be an exaggeration … but hey, it could happen. I could totally teach pirates how to properly taste the wine they loot :)

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