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Wine Edutainment & Tasting Events

Wine + Education + Entertainment = Wine Edutainment

Gather your friends and enjoy the fun and comfort of an in-home wine edutainment event, guided by me, Cecilia Barretto, your wine expert and edutainer! 


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More information on these wine edutainment events:



  • Wine Edutainment events can be held at any private home or other private location that DOESN’T have an alcohol/liquor license and ALLOWS wine to be consumed at their location. 
    • For locations that HAVE an alcohol/liquor license, events CAN be held there, but permission will be needed from the location’s management/ownership and arrangements would need to be made to order wine from that location, unless they give permission to BYOB. 



  • Weekday Events (Monday – Thursday) – $250 Education / Service Fee 
    • *cost of wine/food is separate
  • Weekend Events (Friday – Sunday) – $350 Education / Service Fee 
    • *cost of wine/food is separate
  • Wine costs will vary. But don’t worry, I’ll work with you to decide the best wine options and budget for your event. Wines can be purchased from a wine retailer or they can come from your existing wine selection/collection. 
  • Food costs will vary. But don’t worry, I’ll work with you to decide the best food pairing options and budget for your event. We can find food pairings from what you have at home or we can discuss food pairing options that can be purchased from a store or restaurant. I also have loads of chef/restaurant contacts, so if you want to add a live-cooking / catered element to your event, I am happy to help arrange that.
  • Here’s an example of an estimated event pricing with a mid-range budget for wine and food pairings (and let’s say you’re going to split the cost among ten friends): 
    • Weekend Wine Education/Service Fee = $350
    • Wine Budget (for 6 bottles of wine) = $100
    • Food Pairing Budget (heavy apps) = $100
    • Total Price Per Person (at 10 people) = $55



  • How many guests are ideal for a wine edutainment event?
    • For an intimate event, between 10 and 20 people are ideal (including the host(s)), but if you want to plan an event for more or less people, I’m happy to discuss alternate pricing.
  • Do I need to know anything about wine?
    • No worries! These wine edutainment events can be designed for wine beginners, enthusiasts, experts and any mix of the three!
  • How long do these events usually last?
    • My usual wine edutainment event is designed to last about 2 hours for weekday events and about 3 hours for weekend events, but if you want to plan an event that is shorter or longer, I’m happy to discuss alternate pricing. 
  • What are some of the things you talk about at these wine edutainment events?
    • I will help you plan whatever wine theme you want for your wine edutainment event. Here are some theme ideas to give you some examples:
      • Wine 101 – Learning the basics of wine and wine tasting
      • What makes a good food and wine pairing and what makes a bad one?
      • A Night in Burgundy (or any other wine country/region you want): – Learn about and taste the wine and food pairings from this region.
      •  The Major Red Wines Of The World (or White, Rose, Sparkling, Dessert, Fortified, etc)
      • How To Be A Wine Snob – A comedy (and education) skit on what it takes to be a wine snob
  • Why do you have an education/service fee?
    • A girl’s gotta eat and drink! Am I right?! In addition to making a living, this fee includes my services as the wine edutainer and my services for event set up and clean up. It also includes the glassware I bring to the event (unless you prefer to use your own), any education material I need to bring, and the time it takes me to prepare for your event!  
  • Do you accept additional gratuity?
    • Absolutely! I will never turn down any extra gratuity you would like to give me for a job well done, but the education/service fee is what I have decided is a fair value for my time and efforts into planning and edutaining at your event, so gratuity is by no means expected. 
  • What is your, Cecilia Barretto’s, wine background?
    • I’m happy you asked! I’ve been working/studying in the wine industry in varying capacities since the summer of 2002. I fell in love with wine at one of my first jobs, as a server at a french bistro. During college I continued my ‘wine education’ in varying capacities (wink, wink). After college, I decided to take a gap year before applying to law school, during that time I took a side-job doing in-home wine tasting events. The wine bug bit me hard! Instead of law school, I ended up going to Dijon, France to get a Masters in Wine Business. After that I returned to San Antonio and had a wine shop for a couple years. After that I worked as a brand ambassador for a Texas winery for about 3 years. During my time at the winery, I began the long quest to pursue the highest level of the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET), the Level 4 Diploma. I just need to complete one more exam, and if all goes well, I’ll have my Level 4 Diploma by the end of 2018! I also teach the WSET Levels 1 and 2, consulted a couple restaurant’s wine programs, and a variety of other wine education and speaking projects around the greater San Antonio area. But as much as I personally geek out about wine, the most important thing to me is to make wine education fun, simple, and entertaining! 


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