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Heading to the 31st Annual San Antonio Fine Wine & Cuisine Tasting!


T-Minus 2 hours and I will be heading off the 31st Annual San Antonio Fine Wine & Cuisine Tasting!! If you will not be there or do not live in the area, here are photos from last years festival from their Flickr account.

For a couple hours, I will have a “food & wine passport” to sample the cuisine and wine of several cultures! Soooo excited. Naturally, I will be documenting this entire evening for your reading enjoyment later!

The only other time I have been to this event was back in 2008 with these fine wineauxs …

Like my cheesy smile? That’s what fine wine and food do to me! (BTW, doesn’t my dad look like a cock in a hen house?)

And what happens after a night of beaucoup amounts of fine wine and food? Pictures like the one below are produced, haha. I wonder what tonight’s after-event photos will be? Muah-ha-ha-ha!

And a BIG “THANK YOU” to Frenchie Le Boyfriend for getting me this ticket as a Valentine’s gift. I wish you could be there with me! Je t’aime!

If you’ll be there tonight, look for the girl with “The Ceci Sipper” shirt on!

P.S. You can follow tweets about/from this event by searching #sawine on Twitter!

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