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Whirlwind, Wine, and a Vortex


The Ceci Sipper is back.


I was stuck in a whirlwind of love and wine for two weeks.

Then I was stuck in vortex of sadness … still kind of am.


You see, Frenchie le Boyfriend came to visit me here in San Antonio, Texas for 2 weeks. He left last Wednesday. (I hadn’t seen him since early January, and that was the longest we had ever been apart … go ahead, I’m sure you want to vomit a little :P)


But for those two weeks I was stuck in a whirlwind of love and wine!

The day Frenchie le Boyfriend arrived was the start of the HUGE San Antonio 10 day festival known as Fiesta! For those of you who don’t know what Fiesta is, it is a huge city-wide celebration with events full of crowds like this …

on various fairgrounds full of booths like these …

with a lot of people walking around with crazy hats like these …

or crazy shirts like these …

or posing next to colorful Fiesta decorations like this …

and everyone usually ends up finishing each Fiesta event looking like this …

Fiesta is a lot of fun!! And even though almost all of the official Fiesta events are 99% about beer and margaritas. I managed to make sure our Fiesta was 99% wine-filled!

You see, the key is to pre/after party and to find those ‘un-official’ Fiesta events that were created just for us wine lovers!!


Like the Guadalupe Home Wine Tasting Fundraiser …

or the wineaux’ after-party at Silo’s

or a wine lovers pre-party at Dough Pizzeria

or un-official Fiesta event dinners with newly added Vinously Speaking blogger Melissa Unsell at Picnikins Patio Cafe

or nursing a wine-over in the backyard :)

All these fun wine Fiesta festivities will be talked about in more detail shortly …

Let me just finish pulling myself out of this vortex of sadness I’ve been in since Frenchie boarded this plane back to France last Wednesday :(

  2 comments for “Whirlwind, Wine, and a Vortex

  1. April 28, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    It was so nice meeting you at CM tonight! Looking forward to learning more about wine for you…as well as getting to know another San Antonio food/wine blogger!!

    • April 30, 2011 at 11:28 am

      Yes it was great to meet you Wendy! I look forward to getting together with you and my co-blogger soon!

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