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Off the Hizzy For Shizzy

ugh….had a Looooong Week…….as you can tell…..

Hello Fellow Wine Lovers/My Blog Readers !! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Sorry for leaving you hanging for a WHOLE week!! I had a difficult week working on a project for my Masters of Wine Business program. We had to work in groups and prepare for a web-conference negotiation with Master of Wine, Phil Reedman, who is based in Australia and was a Senior Wine Product Development Manager of wines for Tesco, the UK’s number one retailer (like the US’s Walmart). The simulation was set up so that our group had to pitch a ‘premium’ wine (£12) to Phil Reedman, who took on his former role as a wine buyer for Tesco and gave us a ‘run for our money’ as we did what we could to get him to buy our wine to be sold in Tesco stores.
Now, this is not something you just prepare for overnight! We had our work cut out for us.

If you interested in learning more about Master of Wine, Phil Reedman here is the link to his website http://www.philreedmanmw.net/

Forgive me for getting a bit nerdy as I will explain more about this project, but I know some of you are interested in what I do in this program, so here is a taste for it. For those of you who may feel a bit nerded out….go drink a couple glasses of wine and come back and join me…..(I will wait)……..(waiting)…………Ok, good, you’re back!

The wine we chose was from the producer Louis Bouillot in Nuits-Saint-Georges, about 30 min south of Dijon by car or about 2 hours by rollerblading. The wine was called the Perle d’Aurore and it was a rosé Cremant de Bourgogne. That sentence is linked to the wine we chose and you can learn more about Cremant de Bourgogne from a previous entry I did: Vinously Speaking: The Other French Bubbly’s . (See, you do learn stuff by reading my blog)

Through a contact we had from a gal in our group, we were actually able to meet with the Sparkling Wine Ambassador for Louis Bouillot!! (Raise your hand if you want to be a sparkling wine ambassador….or just add sparkling in front of your current job title) He was so helpful and gave us plenty of information to properly represent the company in the simulation! Then we spent a week making a powerpoint and learning all our information from top to bottom, forwards and backwards, in english, swedish, french, russian, and maltese! (Ok, that’s going a bit far, but you get the picture) We must have had 4 hours of sleep the last two nights!

*I know, I know, I am complaining….”Boo hoo, Ceci Sipper, cry me a river”

That being said……I am sure you are more interested in the outcome of this negotiation…

It was completely unexpected, but felt like the real deal! We ‘walked’ into the negotiation room, aka the web-conference site. He listened to our intro, asked us some tech questions about Cremant de Bourgogne, he let us get into a couple lines of percentages we had supporting why rosé sparkling wine is a smart buy. He then said…..”hmmmmm yes, their is demand for your product…..but I want to see pricing.” So we had to skip about 5 of our slides we worked so hard on and proceed directly to the pricing slide. 1-2-3. Done. He asked why our product was so expensive in comparison to other sparkling wines they already carry. We had to inform him it was cause we got some goooooooooooood sssssssstuff that is off the hizzy for shizzy! Then he commended me for using ‘off the hizzy for shizzy’ and said he wanted to buy the wine and also recruit me as a rapper for Tesco commercials….

hahahah ok, I know you are so not buying into that, but how cool would that have been.

On the reals, he asked us how many bottles we could supply him, (we had around 300K bottles), but he wanted more. (How typical of a Master of Wine to say “GIMME MOW” hahahahahaha, blog readers should have gotten that, if not click the link then come back and laugh)

Either way we really impressed him with our smooth talking, that or he needed to close our simulation to move on to the next group…but he ended our negotiation saying he wanted to *hypothetically* see us again in 2 weeks time and taste the wine for quality and then talk about increasing production or offering in select stores only. So all in all….I say we could walk away with our heads held high! I think we chose a great product, had excellent research and great negotiation skills =) and I said “Off the hizzy for shizzy” =)

I am sure this one of the ‘word-iest’ blog posts I have had in a while, but I want to share with you some of the wonderful things I have the privilege of experiencing in this program. That and I wanted to toot my own horn after such a difficult and work filled week!

I hope you know….the only reason I would ever take week longs breaks from you and this blog is when school is getting the best of me or Snoop Dogg calls me up to hang out on his yacht for a week….I love this blog and I love that you all read it!! I also secretly love to log into my SiteMeter site that tracks the cities where my blog is being read…and the numbers per day!!! Thanks to each of you for your support and for sharing this passion of mine with others you know! I have readers in New Zealand, Germany, France, US (Cali, Virginia, Ohio, Texas, etc) Mexico, Canada, Spain!!! Whoo HOO!!!!

I also got word that Master of Wine Steve Charters (Gimme MOW Blog Entry) saw the entry I wrote about him and LOVED it, thought it was pretty darn funny and his wife even got a big kick out if it! So yay for that!! ( I heard he was jealous that I didn’t tell him “off the hizzy for shizzy”…. Don’t worry Steve, I will make up one for you the next time you guest lecture!)

I look forward to writing the next blog. I have so many blog entry topics stock piling….I need to start busting them out!

Please please please TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FELLOW WINE DRINKERS ABOUT MY BLOG! And feel free to leave me some comments on the blog or the Vinously Speaking facebook group site !! I love hearing from you!

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours,
~ The Ceci Sipper

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  1. This post was "off da charts"! Girl, you rock-sizzled for the shizzled. Keep up the good work! In case you didn't know, I am your #1 fan.
    Love you,
    Daddio for the Zaddio

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