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Take WINE DRINKING to a new level.    Step up your HOUSE PARTY game.

Tell your friends your PERSONAL SOMMELIER is coming to party with y’all.


Photo by Scott Warman on Unsplash

So what is a wine edutainment event?

In not so many words (cause who has time for that?) it is …

wine  +  your friends  +  a private residence  +  education  +  entertainment  +  your personal sommelier (Cecilia Barretto)

And who is your personal sommelier?

Cecilia Barretto is a wine expert, but not the snobby kind. She’s like the wine world’s female version of Anthony Bourdain. She has been drinking, errr studying wine since 2002. Her studies even took her to Burgundy, France for 3 years where she got her Masters in Wine Business (ooh la-la!). She’s half an exam away from the WSET Level 4 Diploma wine certification. She’s had a wine shop, worked in many wine areas (wineries, restaurant sommelier, wine retail manager), and now she owns her own wine edutainment event business in San Antonio, TX. She’s wine cool. And she’ll make you wine cool too.

Cecilia Barretto, Your Personal Sommelier

Let’s talk pricing …

These wine edutainment events don’t need to burn a hole in your money card … unless you want it to, because sometimes you just need to feel like a rock star! 


Sommelier Edutainment / Event Service Fee  =  $TBD – Based on event needs

  • The fee includes event service, a guided wine tasting, wine edutainment, and tons of fun with your personal sommelier, Cecilia. And no need to stress … she’ll help you pick a theme, wine, food pairings, music, lighting, your outfit (ok, maybe not that far). And she’ll bring her fancy wine glasses (you don’t have to wash glasses, yay!). And if you’re adding food pairings, she will prepare those for you too!

Wine Budget  =  Whatever you want to spend on wine! Or use wine you already have!

  • Most events start with a welcome wine, and then 5-6 different wines to taste during the evening. You just need to decide what average bottle price you want to roll with for the party! One bottle per wine is suggested per 10 people.

Optional Food Pairing Add-On  =  Whatever you want to spend on food!

  • A suggested pricing budget would be $15/person for light charcuterie pairings, $20/person for light appetizer pairings, $25/person for heavy appetizers, and if you want to get real rockstar with a coursed dinner, I have lots of private chef options that we can bring into the mix.

That’s pretty much the short of it …

But if you are a details person and want more info, click here for the FAQs



Submit a ‘Wine Edutainment Event Request’ Below


Wine Edutainment Event Request

Fill out the info below and Cecilia will contact you within 24-48 hours. Cheers!

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  • Can you do events outside of San Antonio, TX?
    • Yes! A standard mileage fee will be added based on the event location from the San Antonio city limits. Travel fees will apply for events that require an overnight stay.
  • How many guests are ideal for a wine edutainment event?
    • For an intimate event, between 10 and 20 people are ideal (including the host(s)), but if you want to plan an event for more or less people, I’m happy to discuss alternate pricing.
  • Do I need to know anything about wine?
    • No! These events can be designed for wine beginners, enthusiasts, experts, and any mix of the three!
  • How long do these events usually last?
    • About 2-3 hours, but shorter or longer events can be accommodated (alternate pricing may apply). 
  • Do I have to have the wine edutainment event at my house?
    • Wine edutainment events can be held at any private location that DOESN’T have an alcohol/liquor license and ALLOWS wine to be consumed at their location. 
      • For locations that HAVE an alcohol/liquor license, events CAN be held there, but permission from the location’s management/ownership is needed. They might also require you to purchase the wine from them, or charge you a corkage fee to BYOB.
  • What are some themes for these wine edutainment events?
    • I will help you plan whatever wine theme you want, but here are some examples:
      • Wine 101 – The basics of wine and wine tasting
      • Good vs Bad Food & Wine Pairings
      • A Night in Burgundy : Learn about and taste the wine and food pairings from this region.(or any other wine country/region you want)
      • The Major Red Wines Of The World (or White, Rose, Sparkling, Dessert, Fortified, etc)
      • How To Be A Wine Snob – A comedy (and education) skit on what it takes to be a wine snob
  • Do you accept additional gratuity?
    • Absolutely! But it is by no means expected.