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Finding More Than Just A Well Known Wine at Joe Saglimbeni’s Wine Shop

Joe Saglimbeni's wine shop has lots of rare and hard-to-find wines, but he also has wines that many of use recognize. Take for example the wine brand "Ferrari-Carano" - Raise your hand if you have ever heard of and/or drank Ferrari-Carano wines? If you need a little visual aid, maybe this will help ...

Joe Saglimbeni’s wine shop has lots of rare and hard-to-find wines, but he also has wines that many of use recognize. Take for example the wine brand “Ferrari-Carano” – Raise your hand if you have ever heard of and/or drank Ferrari-Carano wines?

If you need a little visual aid, maybe this will help …

That’s it. You know you’ve seen this label and probably 8 out of 10 of you have drank a wine (or wines) from the Ferrari-Carano portfolio before. This is one of those wines that ranks high in brand recognition here in the US, and rightfully so. Their wines are made in an appealing style from their reserve wines down to their entry level wines, they are all made in a style that is attractive to the most wine drinkers, both seasoned and new, most of the wines they make are not the kind of wines that are going burn a whole in your wallet, and they are an easy option to buy when hosting guests as you know they are wines that will please. Being that most of you are very familiar with these wines and know more or less what to expect, let’s look at what makes this wine brand more than just a good, easy-pleasing wine.

Last Tuesday I walked into Joe Saglimbeni’s wine shop for their weekly Tuesday evening wine tasting, said hello to the familiar face and met all the new ones.

I looked at the tasting bar to see what sort of wines we were going to taste that evening.

Ah! We were tasting several wines from the Ferrari-Carano line.

” DAMN IT, CRAP, MERDE !!!! ” I thought to myself.

How the heck was I going to do a blog about a wine that is so well known? How was I going to put a unique spin on something so popular?

Immediately the idea popped into my head to have my co-blogger Melissa Unsell who writes the Vinously Chic posts to conjure up some fashion pairings for these wines! Below you will find a fashion or accessory pairing for each of the wines we tasted! So chic!

But I didn’t want to stop there, so I decided to do a little research on Ferrari-Carano to see what I could come up with. I figured, let’s see what such a well known winery has to offer on their wines. Do they engage their wine consumers? Or do they just rest on their name? What sort of story did they have to share?- I was very surprised by what I found and happy to now that such a name-brand winery cares so much about the each wine and the stories that are put out there. They certainly get two-thumbs up from me for all the useful information they provide for the people who drink their wines.

So let’s begin with an intro … you know, gettin’ you in the mood …

Check out this intro video about Ferrari-Carano by Snooth Films from Pigeon Road, a new media company based in Venice, California:

If you are a giant nerd like me, and want even more information here another Intro video for Ferrari-Carano. It is a bit longer than the first video, but there is a lot to learn in it.

Aren’t those videos informative and nice to watch? If you are unable to make a visit out to the vineyards and winery, those videos certainly make you feel like you did.  It’s as if I was able to go wine tasting there, take a vineyard and cellar tour, and sample some of their pleasant wine while walking the gorgeous villa grounds.


But the discovery doesn’t stop there. On the Ferrari-Carano YouTube Channel they have videos for many of their wines where the owners, the winemakers, and the vineyard operations manager describe the wines, the vineyards they come from, and the winemaking techniques they used for each wine. This is a ‘wine’derful way for us to feel like a part of the story behind these wine and it certainly makes me want to pop a cork on one too!


And being part of the wine’s story is exactly what Ferrari-Carano does with all of its online offerings for those who share in their wines, or as they refer to you, their ‘Circle of Wine Friends’. Not only do they provide you with videos on each wine, which you will see below, but each wine below will also be linked to their site which offers vintage notes, winemaking notes, tasting notes, and even a recipe and pairing notes from ‘Lady of the Vineyard’, Rhonda Carano.

So talk about being a part of the story of the wine … you get a video, a link to great tasting notes and recipe pairings, AND a fashion/accessory pairing … holy smokes :) This wine label maybe be well-known, but boy are they unique.


First up in our tasting was the 2010 Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc (remember to click on this link for great tasting notes and recipe pairing ideas!)

Now watch the video to learn even more about the story behind this wine.

And to pair with the tropical fruit aromas and zesty and vibrant characters on this Fume … Melissa chose a beautiful Sass and Bide outfit.

Next we tried the 2010 Ferrari-Carano “Bella Luce”  White Blend

There wasn’t a video for this wine, but it was a sultry and flirtatious blend of Chardonnay, Muscat Canelli, Semillon, Muscat Giallo, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc just like these Philip Simon wedge espadrilles Melissa paired with this wine! I feel like the shoe monster …. “Me want these shoes! Myum, Myum, Myum!”

After that was2009 Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay

Melissa went of the classic, clean, simple, yet fun characters of this Chardonnay to pair with this adorable party dress by Alice and Olivia!

Fourth on the list was the 2009 Ferrari-Carano Siena Red Blend


And to play off the dynamic and peppy qualities of this wine, what do you think of pairing this Marc Jacobs ensemble?


Next was the 2008 Ferrari-Carano Merlot


And as time-honored as Merlot’s are, Melissa knew this outfit by Derek Lam would fit the bill.

Then came the 2008 Ferrari-Carano Cabernet Sauvignon


Melissa was feeling the vivacious vibe for this Cabernet Sauvignon, so she thought, “What could be more vivacious then this orange number by Phillip Lim?”

And the prize winner of the evening, the last wine on the tasting, the 2006 Ferrari-Carano “Prevail – West Face”


Now this wine without a doubt, commanded the attention of everyone who tasted it. So much so that it was sold out before I even had the option to take one home!! So with a commanding wine … why not pair a commanding accessory. Melissa knew that the most commanding accessory are glasses (specifically these People Glasses) You know, I have to agree … people who wear glasses command the attention of those around them, and they are just better than those who don’t wear them :P

So Ferrari-Carano? More than just a wine huh?

Thank you Ferari-Carano for making my ‘job’ as a wine blogger so easy. You had all the information and then some, that anyone who wants to enjoy your wine needs. Now if only more vineyards/wineries could do the same :)

(BTW, I am sooo going to host a Ferari-Carano wine party and make all those delicious recipe pairings you provided!)

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