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Happy Very Belated Birthday To My Daddio aka “The Daddio Drip Dickey”

So my dad’s birthday was March 3rd. I know this post is super late, but I am backed up on VS posts I need to write, and when I say backed up … I’m talkin’ rush hour in Los Angeles backed up, lol. Such is blogging-life :) But this was at the top of my list of posts that needed to get out, so here’s to you “The Daddio Drip Dickey!” Happy Birthday! Joyeux Anniversaire! Feliz Cumpleanos!


~ I’M BACK HOME!!! That’s right!! I am back home in the glorious LONE STAR STATE of TEXAS!!!! And more specifically in the awesomely, amazing city of SAN ANTONIO!!!!! I wanted to tell you all soooooo badly, but I wanted […]