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Fixin To Go Wine Tasting

ALL YA’LL Texans out there know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!! If you are not Texan, or have never been blessed with the opportunity to visit the amazing-ness that is the Lone Star State, we use a special phrase….”fixin’ to” (fixing to)….meaning I am getting ready to/about to do something. (see the Urban Dictionary Definition HERE. Some examples are, “I am fixin’ to go to the store.” or “I am fixin’ to start dinner” OR in my case, “I’m fixin’ to go wine tasting!”

Now all you Texans better get your back end over here to the fabulous wine region of Burgundy because HOT DAMN, they got themselves there a wine producing village called … FIXIN!!!!! [Insert STRONG Texan accent] We need a city in Texas called Fixin! Ok, ok, to be technical it is pronounced ‘Fee-Sawn’ but they really should pronounce it “Fix-In” but that is just my big biased Texan opinion. =)

Anyways, ya’ll didn’t come here for a lesson on Texas, so get ready cause I am fixin’ to tell ya’ll about my wine adventure in the Burgundy village of Fixin!

So it was 10am, I had my coffee in hand, fixin’ to go wine tasting in FIXIN!! (about 20 min south of Dijon)

if you are reading this on Facebook you must go to my blog site to see the videos on here (6 of them!)

Me having some fun with my fellow classmates, well they were unaware, but it was fun for me! Time to get off the bus!!

We arrived on a beautiful sunny day at the Clos St. Louis in FIXIN

Our whole group, the three MSc Programs at my school! The video trip I took for you going down into the cellar of the Clos St. Louis!

My baby!!

Shhh! The wine is sleeping in there!!

The device used for the old method of corking bottles, one by one!

Mmmmm Wine!!

Wine Tasting!!

Mmmmm gougères!!! aka Cheesy Bread Puffs Link!

How to make a KIR, the regional specialty drink, thought up by one of the previous mayors of Dijon, Canon Felix Kir. Step One, Pour some Creme de Cassis, aka Black Currant Liquor!

Then you add some Aligote. Pronounced ‘ah-lee-go-tay’. Now if you have been following my blog, or you know a bit about wine, you know that here in Burgundy the white grape varietal is primarily Chardonnay, but Aligote is the small exception to that rule and is used quite often as an ‘aperitif’ and for making KIR!!


The wines we tasted! We tried one from the base of the Burgundy classification pyramid, regional Burgundy wine, meaning the grapes can come from anywhere in Burgundy. It is the 2nd to the left labeled Burgundy Chardonnay. The next level up the classification pyramid are wines made from grapes coming from a certain village, like Fixin, and are called….Village wine, the bottle to the far right labeled ‘Fixin’. The two on the right are the Creme de Cassis and Aligote used to make the KIR!!

KIR, VINES, SUN….what more can I ask for?


If that ain’t french countryside kitchen for you, I don’t know what is!

Burgundy Food! A type of potato salad, pate, parsley ham, carrot salad, salmon pate, jellied peas & chicken, beet salad! OH MAN IT WAS FINGER LICKING GOOD!!!

Yes!!! Stinky yet OH SO Yummy Burgundy Cheese!!

Mmmmm, Fixin wine!!

You can imagine my shock, when the director of our program took us on the longest hike of my life. He is hard core! I mean, I have been hiking before, but never after wine tasting! (Or stuffing my face full of Burgundy food specialties)

I hope you appreciated the efforts I went through to get you this footage and these photos! This forest is special, essentially because the owner Captain Noisot recreated the way the island of Elba looked like when he was there to accompany Napoleon during his rule/exile on Elba Island. For more info click here Because he was super loyal to good ole Napole, Noisot had a special statue created in honor of Napoleon placed here in the Parc as well as having his body buried so that he could be facing the statue for all eternity. Here is a link to a page explaining a little more about Fixin and mentions a blurb about this Parc Noisot and the Napoleon statue there,  CLICK HERE. All I know is he must be some sort of masochist, because damn, that hike was a workOUT!!

Replica of Napoleon’s Casa during his exile to Elba Island.

Trying to channel my inner Napoleon! It was the wine, yes, I blame it on the wine!

I was trying to channel one of those typical American Horror Films that occur in the forest…only I’m in France.

I know I am ridiculous!

Say Howdy to Napoleon! (The famous Statue I was telling you about)

Is that steep or what?

Don’t Look Down!!

View from the top!

Breathtaking Church with its own vines!

The entire Masters of Wine Business Program (Director/Staff/Students)

See you on the next one!!! Happy Tasting!!!

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours, The Ceci Sipper!

8 thoughts on “Fixin To Go Wine Tasting

  1. Hi Babydoll,
    Enjoyed your latest entry, as I do all the rest. This particular one made me feel as if I was there with you and your class. Knowledge was gained from your writings and pics. You captured beautiful panorama that was breathtaking, as you stated. Hope all is well with you, and remember… with every sip, you are looking into the heavens. I will be copywriting this on Monday morning.
    Love you bunches,

  2. Hello Babydoll,
    I enjoy this entry in many ways. The arranged pics with the comments lead me to where you are at, almost. Knowledge of wines are becoming evident in the short moment that you have been in your Master's program. I am extremely proud of you. I believe you are on your way to the top (of the vine). Keep posting on your blog, it makes for good information and also entertaining the reader. Until the next one… oh, and remember, with every sip, your are looking into the heavens. I am going to copyright that on Monday morning.
    Take care, I love you bunches (of grapes).

  3. Your site was a helpful respite from other boring or misinformed sites. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You are sooo welcome! Thank you for sharing that with me, it means a lot to me! If there is one thing I strive to do in this blog is to have readers leave with learning something and laughing/smiling. Good Luck with your homework, I am doing mine as we speak, so finding this in my inbox was a great homework break for me! Also I was a waitress for 8 years, highschool, college, and a bit after! Had such a blast! Hope the tips flow in! What city in MASS. are you in? I have only been to Boston twice, but it was an incredible city see! Thanks again for your compliment!

  5. Dear Cici. Have enjoyed hearing about your progress from your mother and want to congratulate on your website. I am impressed with your knowledge, wit, photography, and presentation as well as your ability to do this while you are working on your masters, completing your thesis, and doing an internship. OH TO BE YOUNG AGAIN !!! Look forward to meeting you when you return to SA. God bless you! Reli Korte

    1. Thank you so much Reli! I appreciate your kind words. Your support means a lot to me. Your compliments on my blog work are very encouraging and I too look forward to thanking you and seeing you in person in SA very soon! God Bless! – Ceci =)

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