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It Ain’t Easy Being Famous….

but it sure is fun!!

Ok Vinously Speaking readers…..there is a first for everything….

Many of my readers I know from my past: high school, college, family friends, etc. But there are also those readers who I have not yet had the chance to meet! Well, a blog reader I’ve never met, came to Dijon to visit his daughter who is doing a semester abroad at the same school I go to (she also happens to be the roommate of a gal in my masters of wine biz program). SOooo, he tells his daughter he wants to meet the Vinously Speaking blogger!!! THAT’S ME!!!!!!

So I met them at my favorite wine store…O Gre Du Vin (for you non-french speakers “Oh Grey Dyoo Von”) Naturally we did some wine tasting and just like a gentlemen….he picked out some fabulous wines to take back home to share with the Mrs. I would like to introduce you to…….Mr. Al Black and his daughter Lauren! Al was marvelous enough to invite me (and my frenchman) to dinner the next night so here are some of the photos…..

We ate at an italian restaurant…..we drank a 2007 from the winery Bruna Grimaldi located in the village of Serralunga d’Alba (Piedmont region) and is located in the Barbera d’Alba DOC (DOC is like the french AOC system) and made from the grape “barbera” and has a “superiore” ranking, meaning it was made under high standards of production. I know all that was a mouthful, but you gotta leave this blog learning something about wine! I enjoyed a Trio of Risottos!! Check out the serving dish! Creamy Scallop Risotto Primavera Risotto (Veggie Risotto) Creamy Mushroom & Parmesan Risotto For dessert….mango panna cotta!! I couldn’t eat all of it… it was gigantic!! Lucky for me, Frenchie Le Boyfriend has a bottomless pit for a stomach, so it didn’t go to waste! All this was topped off with a yummy, and I mean yummy, italian coffee!

And the company was amazing!! Thank you Al !!!!! Al hails from Utah….I know what you’re thinking…..a wine drinker from Utah?? That is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. When they do surveys for wine consumption in the state, they just have one doorbell to ring on….Al’s….hahaha! Ok, lame US state humor, but hey…..you have to laugh a little reading this blog!!

One last time, I want to send a very very BIG “THANK YOU” out to Mr. Al Black for being my first blog reader/fan that I have never met before!!! AND “THANK YOU” for the dinner/vino and of course the wonderful opportunity to meet you! I look forward to seeing you again sometime in the future!

NOW, the question is…who will be the second one I will meet….????

Maybe it will be you!!

As always….I hope you learned, I hope you laughed and I hope you enjoy these virtual wine adventures with me!!

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours, The Ceci Sipper

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