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Social Wine Education #1 – Bastille Day Bash!!

Bonjour! Comment vas-tu?

Vous parlez francais, n’est-ce pas?

Don’t worry, I am not THAT mean to write a post in french … although I know a few readers out there who would enjoy that. One day french speaking readers, one day – but not today. But offend not my french readership … I did you proud! Vinously Speaking marked a momentous moment by having its debut “Social Wine Education” event on Bastille Day! :) And it was a HUGE success!

  • It is never a true French fete without a french mustache :P

As you may have read, we held this event at a restaurant here in San Antonio called Firewater Grille last Thursday July 14th aka Bastille Day, the french national holiday. We had 25 ‘wine’derful guests come out, sip on some fabulous vinos, nosh on some delightful food pairings, learn a bit about wine, and listen to the artistic melodies of an acoustic guitar player. And to make sure we recapped this evening just right, we even made a little welcome video for your viewing pleasure.

Well aren’t we just the cutest lil’ wine drinkers ever? :P

As guests arrived they were greeted with a welcoming wine, the 2009 Alamo Torrontes from Mendoza, Argentina. In case you didn’t watch the video above or missed the ending, most of our wines that evening weren’t exactly French, but to keep to the theme, we figured out a way for them to have a ‘French connection’. So with the Torrontes, its French connection is that it has similar varietal characteristics to the french grape Viognier of being one of the more aromatic and perfumed white grape varietals.

Once our guests were ‘wine’d up , we handed them their educational portion of the evening, a fun little information packet on Bastille Day, a bit about French wine, and information on the wines being tasted that evening. If you weren’t able to attend our debut “Social Wine Education” event, never to worry, here is a copy of the information packet for your reading/learning enjoyment.

Vinously Speaking Wine Blog’s Social Wine Education #1 – Bastille Day

How cool is that?! I know, I know … we rock!

Hope you enjoy this little document we created and if you are feeling jealous, go out and by yourself those bottles of wine and see how you enjoy them. Can you pick up the aromas and flavors we listed on there?

Now that the educational aspect of evening was taken care of, then came the social part. All of our attendees were mingling and enjoying the sauna-like heat we call “summer” here in San Antonio, sipping on the rest of the wines and noshing on the delicious food pairings …

… but to really kick the ‘social’ part into overdrive I decided pictures with the french mustache were a must! It was way too much fun, lol.

I know you French readers out there are thinking … “Zhat is not troo, we do not have ze mustaches like zhis?” …  but to that I say … “Just humor us, s’il vous plait :)”

French stereotypes and mustaches aside, the evening was an enormous success! A big thank you to Firewater Grille for hosting us and providing a great venue, wine, food, and service for the evening. We hope to see you for Social Wine Education #2 on Thursday August 11th at Max’s Wine Dive in The Quarry here in San Antonio. And if you are too far away to make it, we will of course post a recap here :)


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