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Spec’s First Wednesday Wine Tasting

Never have I ever anticipated the first Wednesday of the month ... until now :)


Never have I ever anticipated the first Wednesday of the month … until now :)

The first Wednesday of each month, Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods in San Antonio holds a FREE wine tasting night of TWENTY wines to sample! And they offer food samples as well!

Can a 1st Wednesday get any better than that? … I think not :)

Before I share the fabulous details of this wine night, I do have to preface the evening with a bit of a Ceci Sipper update. Since I have moved back home to San Antonio, my popularity has just sky rocketed. I seriously cannot go to a wine event without mobs of wine drinkers crowding around me :P So for this wine tasting, I decided bodyguards were 100% necessary. Lucky for me, I found the best in the business.

Is that what you think you are seeing? My bodyguards holding tequila bottle machine guns? Hahahaha.

Annnnyways. Mobs of Ceci Sipper fans and tequila machine gun bottles aside let’s move on with the Spec’s First Wednesday Wine Tasting festivities.

Spec’s First Wednesday Wine Tasting in 5 Easy Steps.

Step 1. Show up to Specs with your 21+ID, your own glass, and your wine drinkin’ face :) FYI – They do offer glassware there you can buy or you can just sip from the plastic sample cups at each tasting station, but when you are as seasoned of a wine drinker as I am, there is no excuse not to BYOG.

*Step 1.5 – Don’t judge my wine drinking face ;P

Step 2. Visit the 10 Tasting Stations scattered through out the store and try the two wines offered at each of them. You can keep tasting notes on the tasting sheet they give you at the sign-in desk.

How rocking was Tasting Station aka Barrel #9 ?!? They posed for the picture and everything!

Step 3. Stop and taste all the yummy food samples at the food booths! The following pictures were my favorite food booths of the evening. I recommend you buy/try them all if you can.

Jensen Orchard Chips w/ Robert Rothschild Farm Hot Pepper Peach Preserve

Aurelia’s Chorizo ~ Spanish Style Chorizo

And use Aurelia’s Chorizo to make their Black Bean Chili w/ Chorizo recipe!

Texas Cheddar Snappers! (The recipe is from a 90 yr old Granny, and let me tell you, Granny means business!)

If you are a salsa fan, you must try the Texas Brew Salsa. The whole jar my mom bought, I finished it in one sitting, no joke. And if you are a chocolate lover, then use Texas Brew Salsa to make their Salsa Brownie Recipe! (These would knock you’re socks off, both in yummy taste and because of the salsa kick to them at the end!)

Step 4. Have FUN & Network, Network, Network!!

Yours Truly w/ Ken Maxwell, owner of one of my favorite Texas Wineries, Torre di Pietra!  If you get the chance, go out and visit their winery, especially on Saturday’s from 2-6pm for live music!

Yours Truly w/ Brenda Craig, President of Texas Brew Products (the yummy salsa/brownies from photo above!)

And hey, all that networking even snagged me a free Banfi corkscrew :) Can a wine drinker really have too many corkscrews?

Step 5.  Once you’re done tasting, you are welcome to buy any of the wines you tasted at a special discounted price :)

Here are the wines I recommend from the 20 wine line up:

For you sweet wine lovers: Il Conte D’Alba Moscato D’Asti & Villa Rogole Fiorosa

For you dry white wine lovers: Torre di Pietra ‘Dirty Girl’ Chardonnay

For you full-bodied red wine lovers: Torre di Pietra ‘Primitivo’

For you medium body red wine lovers: Trivento Reserve Malbec

And VOILA! The 5 Easy Steps to a Spec’s First Wednesday Wine Tasting :)

Hope to see y’all at the next Spec’s First Wednesday Wine Tasting on Mar 2nd!

Tasting Station aka Barrel #9 had a rockin’ pouring crew! They posed for the picture and everything! Lance and Courtney, y’all rock!

5 thoughts on “Spec’s First Wednesday Wine Tasting

  1. Ceci, Were you seriously mobbed? No wonder you haven’t come back up to Dallas…you are a celebrity in SA. You know even Dallas doesn’t have that good a deal on wine tastings….great write up – thanks!

    1. Ahhhh, mobbed by my wine blog fans because of my celebrity status ….. a girl can dream can’t she, lol.

      If you can’t make it down here to SA for one of these 1st Wednesday tastings, I think there is a Specs in Waco. Still a drive, but not as far as SA. Although, if you do come down here to SA, I can probably get you a tequila bottle machine gun bodyguard too :)

    2. I think the “mob” she was referring to was security “escorting” her out of the premises after the 20 wines took their toll on her. loljk.

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