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“When the tide rises, all boats rise together” – San Antonio COOKS Coalition

Boats in the tide - Erquy France

Boats in the tide - Erquy France

Somethin’s a brewin’ here in San Antonio … the culinary and vinous minds of the city are chomping at the bit to get the San Antonio Food & Wine Culture the recognition it deserves and the platforms to show off what we are capable of achieving. Concerning the culinary magicians of the San Antonio food scene, several of them have banded together in various groups around the city to organize soirees where they can stretch their culinary wings! And I for one was going to be there to watch them ‘show off’ :)

Those of you not from San Antonio, let me set things straight for you … we are a RAPIDLY growing city, with a simmering (verge of boiling) urban food and wine culture. Many people ask me why I came back to the Alamo City to start my wine empire;P and they one word I answer them with is … OPPORTUNITY! Why would I want to be a brick in a wall in other major cities around the world, when I could catch the ‘wave’ here in San Antonio and ride it alllllll the way to shore. Then, I tell them that my goal is to swirl up and inspire the San Antonio Urban Wine Culture because …

“When the tide rises, all boats rise together!”

And that my VS readers is what these groups of San Antonio Culinary Whiz Kids have in mind as well. Last week I was fortunate enough to attend one of these group’s ‘Show Off’ dinners … The San Antonio COOKS Coalition (Soon to change names, TBA). These chefs come from all different backgrounds, kitchens, and trainings. They are inspired by different things, seen different places, and covet different flavors. But they had one goal in mind that evening … to give me a FLAVORGASM! And I flavorgasmed nine times that night … I don’t smoke, but I flavorgasmed so much I needed a metaphorical cigarette :P

So let’s move back pre-flavorgasm … this “Culinary-Wing-Spreading” dinner was the first of many for the San Antonio COOKS Coalition and for their first theme they decided to honor one of their own as it was his First FoodTruckiversary! His food truck is called Tapa Tapa, follow him on FaceBook and/or Twitter to taste his food truck delights! Also a huge shout out to Tost Bistro for providing the space and kitchen for this fabulous soiree!

On to the dinner …. table set, check!

SA Cooks Coalition Dinner Table

Menu there to tease your palate … check!

SA Cooks Coalition First Dinner Menu

Bubbly in my glass to socially lubricate me …. check!

Marquis de la Tour - French Sparkling Wine

Flavorgasm #1 – Corn & Cotija Sorbet. My oh my, it was deeeeelicious. I never want to eat corn any other way again :) And guess what the garnish was … fried corn husk silk! YUMM!

SA Cooks Coalition - Sorbet - Corn, Cotija

Flavorgasm #2 – Deconstructed Gazpacho – This chef can deconstruct anything he wants to for me cause YUMMMMO! Never eating another gazpacho again :P

SA Cooks Coalition - Gazpacho - Kumato Tomato, Corn Nuts, Smoked Olive Oil

Second round of wine to socially lubricate me some more … check!

2009 Robertson Winery Chenin Blanc

Flavorgasm #3 – Shrimp Dumpling Dim Sum – The sum of the dim was 100% delicious! Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm! And went great with the Chenin Blanc aka social lubricant #2

SA Cooks Coalition - Dim Sum - Shrimp Dumpling

Flavorgasm #4 – Sweet & Spicy Cod Fish Tacos w/ Cabbage Secreto – A fabulous fish taco! I don’t like when fish tacos are wimpy, and this fish taco really flexed its fishy muscles! The fish has gorgeous flavorful and the Cabbage Secreto did a tango with my palate! The sweet & spicy paired very well with the Chenin Blanc as well!

SA Cooks Coalition - Fish Tacos - Sweet & Spicy Cod Fish, Cabbage

Flavorgasm #5 – Deconstructed Caldo – Such a tasty and eye-candy version of a traditional Mexican soup! Deeeeeeelicious! Slurpy, slurp!

SA Cooks Coalition - Caldo - Carrots, Radish, Puffed Chicken

And one more wine to socially lubricate me even more … check! BTW, this was pretty darn good!

2008 Vinum Cellars Pinot Noir

Flavorgasm #6 – Chile Verde … fit for el rey! I was probably making Cookie Monster noises while eating this … myum, myum, myum, myum! If we weren’t in a ‘professional’ setting … you bet your sweet bum I would have licked this plate clean!

SA Cooks Coalition - Chile Verde - Pork, Green Chiles, Cilantro

Palate Cleanser aka Mini Flavorgasm … Watermelon & Pop Rocks! Woohoo! Such a flirtatious lil’ dish! Who’da thunk?

SA Cooks Coalition - Palate Cleanser - Watermelon, Pop Rocks, Mint

Flavorgasm #7 – Asian Pork Ribs w/ Kim Chi and a side of OMG! Totally calorie free, so I felt absolutely no guilt while devouring these bad boys. Come to mama!!!

SA Cooks Coalition - Asian Ribs - Kim Chi, Braising Sauce, Pork

Flavorgasm #8 – Salty Caramel & Good Humor Abstract Eclair – While I am not a fan of chocolate (gasp!) the salty caramel ice cream and italian meringue was tastefully titillating! (hehe, she said titi)


SA Cooks Coalition - Ice Cream Truck - Chocolate Eclair, Good Humor

Ever read a food magazine? I am HUUUGE Fan of Food & Wine … and when I drool over the pages I always dream that I am eating each dish, one after the other, from all the amazing chefs. And guess what … I didn’t have to wait til Food & Wine invited me to their tasting kitchen … MY DREAM CAME TRUE!!! I got to taste drool worthy dishes one after another from various and talented chefs at this dinner! San Antonio COOKS Coalition (name change TBA) YOU FLAVORGASMED MY WORLD! And I am ready for the next one!



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