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Sometimes you just need a ‘break’

I was beating myself up many a night because it was been SO LONG since I last posted.

Man oh man VS readers.

Did I let some time go by or what?

What happened you ask?

Well, shortly after the Christmas/New Year hustle and bustle, I decided to take a long stroll out on the Texas Hill Country. I wanted to find a big shady cedar tree, sit underneath, sip on a gallon of sweet tea and type a long thought out blog post. But once I reached said ‘big shady cedar tree’ … I realized my laptop typewriter was missing. It must have gotten caught on some barbed-wire fence somewhere along Highway 46?

RIIIIGHT. Keep telling yourself that Ceci Sipper.

Truth is … Since Christmas, I was just soaking up a lot of precious time with my family, friends, and Frenchie le Boyfriend while he was here visiting. I told myself that AS SOON AS HE LEFT back to France I was going to throw myself back into Vinously Speaking and write the much needed ‘First Post of 2011’. But once he left, I may or may not have fallen into a minor state of depression. I just wasn’t much in a blogging mood once he left. And to be even more honest, I wasn’t even in a wine drinking mood either. You know it’s bad when you can’t even drink wine. Then, once the inspiration started to feel like it was coming back, the ‘Cedar Fever’ hit me hard and then I REALLY wasn’t in the mood to blog.


Today happened. And after a game of backyard Bocce ball with a close friend from high school that I hadn’t seen in a very long time, the inspiration came back!! :) Yaaaaaay!

I was beating myself up many a night because it was been SO LONG since I last posted. But I kept reminding myself that it is a lot better to blog when you feel inspired, then to blog just because you ‘feel you should’. Your readers will be able to tell when you post ‘forced’ entries as opposed to when you are really blogging from the heart and when the inspiration behind the post is there.

That and sometimes you just need a break right?

And on that note …

Hello 2011 Vinously Speaking! I’mmmm baaaaack!!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need a ‘break’

  1. I know just the same feeling – been blogging for a few years now and every so often the very thought of writing something/anything just fills one with dread. But I find a few days off followed by a decent bottle of wine re-inspires. Or it could be a period of detox reinvigorates the deteriorating brain cells! :-)

    1. Thanks Andrew :) Makes me feel better to read that you have gone through a few of those type of spells. I will heed the advice on using a decent bottle as re-inspiration :) Plan B will be the detox option :P

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