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Went to the doctor…finally

Sorry for the break blog readers!

Last Monday night I fell ill with some sort of icky stomach thing. I think it was a batch of bad ground beef that was the culprit. After the weekend, and no sign of feeling better…I finally went to see the doctor. She said it is more than likely a viral thing, but nothing serious. So she prescribed me 3 different medicines. One to get the virus thing out. One to heal my intestines (sounds kinda cool no?). And one to help me digest better =) I have had to put wine drinking on pause for a bit…

You can imagine how difficult that is for me!

But I will be back to my Ceci Sipper self in no time and back to writing more of those wonderful blogs you sooooooo love to read!!

Drink some wine for me! I hear the wine sales in France have drastically decreased this last week….must be cause I stopped buying wine since I was sick, hahaha. (I may be sick, but my humor is still there!)

Will be back to write a post very soon!

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours, The Ceci Sipper!

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