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Project Wine Blog: My Challenge #6 – Winery Road Trip!

I gotta be honest with y'all right off the bat ....

I gotta be honest with y’all right off the bat ….

Challenge #6 for Project Wine Blog is going to be merged into the upcoming posts about the European Wine Bloggers Conference (EWBC) in Vienna, Austria. What is Challenge #6?

“Challenge #6 – Wine bloggers … you’re on the move! Tell us about a winery that is road-trip distance from you! (If you live too far from a winery, than tell us about your favorite winery you have visited!)”

It just makes more sense for me to include all the wonderful and welcoming wineries I visited during the EWBC as part of Challenge #6. (Not to mention, this will help me with my ‘content overload’ issues =P) So, anytime you see an Austrian winery during the upcoming EWBC posts, think “Challenge #6”!

FYI – Challenge #7 – Wine Video 411 is set to be posted the Week of Nov 8th! Join me if you would like! The challenge is to pick you favorite wine videos (yours or someone else’s) and share them in a post! The number of videos is irrelevant, just have fun with it!

As reminder This (and all subsequent challenges) were altered from the Food Buzz’s “Project Food Blog“. This is just a way for wine bloggers to get in on all the fun!


Now off to begin writing my EWBC posts!


P.S. Thank you to all of you who voted for me for the Wines of Chile “Tweet, Chile Wine Trip” Contest! It made my heart melt to see how many of you all shared the link and supported me on Facebook and Twitter! Voting ended yesterday and the winner will be announced on November 4th on their site: http://tweet.winesofchile.org/vote/ Wish me luck!! How insane would it be if I were voted to go to Chile in January??!!! Eeeek!

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