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Happy Birthday to Me, The Ceci Sipper!

What happens on the Party Bus stays on the Party Bus when you are having a pirate-of-a-time!!


My 27th birthday was actually March 23rd … but I needed about a week to recover from all the festivities and vino. My liver is still mad.


On my actual birthday, my dear friend Andy surprised me by renting a Party Bus!!

The birthday entourage included …

Laura, my best friend since pre-kinder and her younger brother Michael. They are practically family :)

Tori, my little sister and Diamond, her friend from college.

The creators of The Ceci Sipper aka Mom & Dad aka Gloria & Ramon.

Vincent, my little brother aka “Boy”.

Virginia, a friend of a friend, who is now my friend (thanks Eric for introducing us!) and last but certainly not least, the Party Bus gift giver, Andy!!!!

For the wine choice for the evening, I decided to go with 3 different types of bubbly. The first choice was for the sweeter wine lovers on the bus, a sweeter bubbly called Charmat ‘Opera Prima’ Muscato from Spain and made from the grape variety ‘Muscato Bianco’ (this bubbly was on sale for $5.99 at World Market here in San Antonio).

The second bubbly choice was a dry rose bubbly (aka Cava) also from Spain called Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Rose. Real men drink pink! :P I mean, what is a birthday without some rose bubbly? (This rose Cava was on sale for $6.99 at World Market).

On our Party Bus excursion we had to make a pit stop at Espana Bar de Tapas here in San Antonio.

We downed a pitcher of sparkling sangria and devoured various tapas.

And before we left I just felt compelled to kick off their ‘Karaoke Night’ with my go-to karaoke song …

“Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G. … yeah buddy! I can karaoke that song like nobody’s business! Enjoy this YouTube video of the song, but next time we go to karaoke, you are going to have to hear me rap this one!

. After my shining moment, we all headed back to the Party Bus to continue the crazy bubbly times, as shown in this photo of my brother, hahaha.

For the third choice in bubbly for that evening, I chose a magnum of Italian bubbly (aka Prosecco) called La Castella Prosecco. (This is also the bubbly I drank with Frenchie le Boyfriend on this post of our Long Distance Valentine’s Skype & Bubbly Session) This magnum of bubbly was on sale for $9.99 back in February at World Market, but now the price has gone up to $14.99 … which is still a steal :) The only thing that matters it that the bubbly was ever-flowing … I think after the 4th bottle of bubbly we stopped counting. :P

All good Party Bus rides must come to an end … and so must the bubbly.

But that is probably a good thing, because some of those last photos on that Party Bus were …. well let’s just say what happens on the Party Bus stays on the Party Bus, lol.




So after I recovered from crazy bubbly Party Bus times, it was just in time for my 2nd round of birthday partying! I decided to enter my 27th year of life by throwing a Pirate Themed Birthday Party!!

And the slogan for the party was …

Check out all the awesome decor I came up with from stuff sitting in our garage! :)

Me and my friend John Fabulous saying, “Arrrrrrrrrrgh!”

The pirate trio …. Virginia, Frank, and yours truly!

Dad the Pirate & Mom the Wench!

Lisa and I with official Pirate’s Booty, haha!

Andy, (party bus present giver) managed to sneak into a photo. He was slaving away making us pirates some groggy mojitos!

Even my doggy managed to sneak a photo with Pirate Kyle :)

Virginia made my birthday cake, it is called ‘Hurricane Oatmeal’ and it was delicious! All those pirates couldn’t keep their hooks off it!

and I was even given some pirate themed birthday cards to boot!

I am not even going to post a photo of all the wine we had that night. I can’t be having y’all judge me, hahaha. But just to give you an idea, the kitchen counter did look a little something like this …



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