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The risk-taking-entrepreneurial BEAST

Have you read my “first post” about how I am “back from the proverbial dead“?


If you didn’t, you totally should. It’ll make you laugh, cry, want to drink wine, and pull the string on some old New Year’s Eve confetti poppers.

If you don’t feel like clicking the link to read that post first, I’ll spoil the ending for you … I decided to start a new wine business and start blogging again, yay! 

So now, I’ll continue to catch y’all up with my life, cause who doesn’t love a happy ending?

So my happy ending is that I decided to stop getting paid to make other people’s dreams come true and decided to not get paid as much to start making MY dreams come true, hahaha! Well … not getting paid as much YET … it takes patience to start and build a new business! … but, if all goes as planned I will be rollin’ in the chedda’ baby (and bonus! chedda’ pairs great with red wines).


Those of you that know me, know that I am entrepreneur through and through. I mean, when I was 7 years old, I dug up my mom’s flower garden, re-potted them and then sold them to our neighbors haha! Hell, when I was 3 years old, I hustled a room of adults at my grandma’s wake cause I wanted money to go to the candy store with my cousins (my parents were shocked when I ended up with $50 bucks!)


Nothing like a little Jay-Z inspiration ;)


So about a year ago that gut feeling started happening, you know … that little voice … the one that happens in every entrepreneur’s head. Mine started whispering, “Time to rodeo muddafucka! You’re too comfy in your paying job life, time to fuck that shit up! The risk-taking-entrepreneurial beast that lives inside of you needs to be fed, and she HUNGRY!

I was able to snap a photo of that risk-taking beast when she was locked up in the cage …

But now, the beast has been FREED … heaven help us. 


So what has this returning entrepreneur decided to do for a business?

Party with wine drinkers in their home!! Win and wine!!

I mean, that really is the gist of it haha! But to sound more “professional” about it, I host “Wine Edutainment Events” in people’s homes (or other private venues).

So what is a wine edutainment event? It’s you and your favorite people having a fun wine party! … with a guided wine tasting (read: drink lots of wine) and wine edutainment (read: hilarious commentary and jokes) with me, your personal sommelier, Cecilia Barretto. And no need to stress … I help you pick a theme, the wine, food pairings, music, lighting, your outfit (ok, maybe not that far). You can read all the deets on the main page of this website.

Why did I decide to do this kind of business? It finally dawned on me that my passions within my wine passion were wine education, making it entertaining, and doing this for all levels/types of wine drinkers! Also I’m a big ole ham! I love speaking in front of people, making them laugh, and making them put good shit in their mouth haha! I’ve also been doing these type of in-home wine events, off and on, since I was 23 and decided it was high time I make this my main business model.

So what does an example of this kind of event look like? Well, each event is a little different, depending on the venue, guests, budget, and if you’re down to get weird or not haha! But to give you some sort of idea, here are a couple of casual, fun and relaxed events I recently did.

The first event was at a super fun wine shop and bar in Bastrop, TX called Cripple Creek Wine & Gifts. The theme was “The Six Flags Over Texas” and the food pairings were from each of the countries whose flags have flown over Texas. The wines were a mix of Cripple Creek branded wines and three Texas wineries from Duchman, William Chris and Fly Gap



The next example for your mouthwatering pleasure … was a wine edutainment event I did for an old middle/high school friend of mine to celebrate her birthday and end of school (she’s a teacher, she needs it!), the theme was “Fiesta del Vino” and the wines were all from countries that call wine “vino/vinho”. 



So there ya have it folks :) The beginnings of my new wine edutainment business! If you live in the greater San Antonio area, I would love for you to have me over and let’s host one of these yummy wine edutainment events! All the details are on the main page: www.vinouslyspeaking.com

And if you live outside of the greater SA area, I am absolutely open to taking this show on the road, we can figure out the travel fees ;)

I might be crazy for going out on my own again, but I follow my passion compass and it has always led me in the right direction. Never follow your fear compass.

Aaand! I am sooo happy to have you along for this journey, cheering me on! Thanks for being here! 


Much love,

Ceci aka Champagne For the Pagne

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