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Max’s Wine Dive

Meet Our Newest Vinously Speaking Wine Blogger At Our “Social Wine Education #2”

Here are all the event details you need for “Social Wine Education #2”

Date/Time – Thursday, August 11th @ 7:30pm

Location – Max’s Wine Dive 340 East Basse Rd., Suite 101, San Antonio, Texas, 78209 Phone: 210-444-9547

Cost – $15 (includes wines and fingerfoods)

Extra Info – We will be introducing our brand new Vinously Speaking Wine Blogger, so come on out and give ’em a BIG VINOUSLY SPEAKING WELCOME!! Also we will be selling our Vinously Speaking Wine Blog Men’s & Women’s Shirts for y’all to purchase! So bring some extra cash or your checkbook. The shirts will run anywhere from $12-25 depending on the shirt/design.

Hope you will join us for some fabulous social wine education – a time to mingle, learn about and enjoy different wines and food pairings, enjoy live music, and discover a vinous spot in San Antonio! Be sure to RSVP on our Facebook event page here and please invite any and all wine drinkers you know!

Ok …. so if you can’t wait until the “Social Wine Education” Event this Thursday and are dying to guess who the new blogger is OR you can’t wait to read the post in which I disclose said new VS wine blogger then here are three hints for you:

Max’s Wine Dive – Le Tour Du Vin #2 – Spain

It has been two weeks since the last Max’s Wine Dive’s “Le Tour Du Vin” wine tasting. Today is their third of six in this wine tasting series and the theme of this evening is going to be … France!! But before we get ahead of ourselves, I know you want a recap of the second Le Tour Du Vin wine tasting (in case you missed it, the recap of the first one can be found here). The country theme of that second wine tasting was Spain and boy was it sabroso!!

Max’s Wine Dive – Le Tour Du Vin #1 – America

Per my last post, I did in fact go to local wine bar Max’s Wine Dive for the first of their wine tasting summer series, Le Tour Du Vin :) The country theme for this wine tasting was “America – California, Washington, Oregon”. (Future country themes include France, Spain, Australia/New Zealand, and South America).

My parents and I had to bust out our mad wine tasting skills as the event was only an hour and a half and as VIP guests we had 15 wines to go through. On top of that, we had a crowd full of people to maneuver through and network with. Game faces were required.