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Project Wine Blog: My Challenge #5 – Recipe Remix!

For this challenge I chose one pizza that I remember having at a wine bar back home in San Antonio, Texas that was just so tasty … and I was lucky enough to have found a food blogger with a YUMMO recipe for it. Then in the spirit of blogger networking, I decided to choose 2 pizza recipes from the Challenge #5 of Project Food Blog that made my mouth water! So here you are … 3 DELICIOUS pizza recipes and wine pairings for each!

My Challenge #3 for Project Wine Blog

~~~ Challenge #3: Wine Tasting & Appetizer Pairing Party (Week of Oct 4th) Real or imaginary – host a themed “Wine Tasting & Appetizer Pairing” party for guests. Pick a theme, 6 wines, a pairing appetizer for each wine, and then tell us why you went with those ideas. P.S. Don’t worry about naming specific producers/vineyards for the wines, unless you want to ;)

As a reminder This (and all subsequent challenges) were altered from the Food Buzz’s “Project Food Blog“. This is just a way for wine bloggers to get in on all the fun! ~~~

So the first part of the challenge was to pick a theme …

This last week, at the end of one of my Facebook stalking browsing sessions, I started to feel really homesick – because I am missing Halloween for the 3rd time …. so many posts/photos/links to everyone’s Halloween plans, costume ideas, etc. For those of you who think Halloween exists outside the US … not so much. Sure, you may come across the random party here or the bar that puts up a few decorations, but it is NOTHING compared to the insanity we celebrate in the US. I look forward to this ‘holiday’ all year long! Needless to say I miss Halloween like a Frenchman visiting the U.S. misses his cheese! (which is A LOT!) So the theme for Challenge #3’s Wine Tasting & Appetizer Pairing is …