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That’s right!! I am back home in the glorious LONE STAR STATE of TEXAS!!!! And more specifically in the awesomely, amazing city of SAN ANTONIO!!!!!

I wanted to tell you all soooooo badly, but I wanted to surprise my friends and family here who thought I would be moving back home on the 29th of December! My dad was the only one who knew as I needed a ride home from the airport in Houston. So after a bit of a drive from Houston to San Antonio, I pranced like a reindeer right into my parent’s home and scared the CRAP out of my mom, sister and brother, hahaha! Then I went to a friend’s Christmas party and pranced right into that too! You should  have seen the look on all there faces! (I took video, so I will post it soon, don’t worry :)

I know I pulled a fast one on all you VS readers, but it was all in the name of love … and surprising the heck out of people! Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

I will post again soon to post the surprise videos I have and to catch you all up with my move here!

See y’all on the next post!!

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