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Gruner Vetliner Anyone?


“A What?!” You ask.  A Gruner Vetliner, I reply.  You know, that awesome white grape from Austria. I really enjoy Gruner’s in the summer.


Try the Austrian Pepper – on the nose, I smelled hints of herbs and spice.  At first taste, it’s sharp and crisp –  like a razor on the tongue.  On second taste, it’s spicy – a white pepper goodness that I just loved.

This wine has a lot to offer in that you can consume it as a cocktail, or with food.  It’s a very food-friendly wine.  I consumed this while enjoying polenta and grilled shrimp with an arugula summer salad.

For those of you that indulge in the ordinary – chardonnay, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc – it’s time to venture out.  I recommend you start by saying yes to my initial question.  Your palate will enjoy the new journey.




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