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Vinously Chic ~ A new addition to Vinously Speaking!

Howdy there all y'all Vinously Speaking readers/fans/stalkers/die-hards :P Today is a a BIG day for Vinously Speaking! I am so very happy to introduce a new blogger to this wine blog.

~ Howdy there all y’all Vinously Speaking readers/fans/stalkers/die-hards :P Today is a a BIG day for Vinously Speaking! I am so very happy to introduce a new blogger to this wine blog. Her name is Melissa Unsell and she will be heading up and authoring the new addition to Vinously Speaking  … Vinously Chic!

So what is Vinously Chic? Well, to sum it up … it is about pairing wine and fashion!

This idea came about a few months ago when we both attended the San Antonio Food and Wine festival with Melissa’s friend, Crystal Carpenter.

Crystal had mentioned that she wasn’t quite sure to wear to a wine function like that and my response was, “Hey, if any one asks, just tell them you are vinously chic!” ~ We continued to talk about what a ‘vinously chic’ look would consist of and [after having imbibed quite a bit of wine] what wines could pair best with what outfits you were wearing. What are vinously chic options to wear when going ‘vineyarding’ ? (Yes, I just made that word up). A fancy vintner’s dinner? A wine and bbq pairing party? If Dolce and Gabbana can create fashion options for red carpet events, why couldn’t Vinously Speaking provide options for vinous events? ~ But there was one problem … I HATE to shop (except for food and wine)!! Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you I avoid clothing stores like the dang plague. (My boyfriend is a lucky man, ahaha!) It’s not that I don’t like to look presentable when I go out, but I usually let friends and family find me clothing options as opposed to picking them out for myself. Fashionista is just not one of my identifying adjectives.  So I thought to myself … what’s wrong with finding someone who is and bringing them on board Vinously Speaking and thus expand and diversify my blog ?!?!? And that is exactly what I did. Out of all my friends, the choice was clear – Melissa Unsell. This fashion-forward lady is always perfectly dressed for every occasion. No matter the event, you can count on her to be wearing an outfit that will render you envious! (Well speaking more for the ladies there, but hey, even some of you men might feel a little jealousy coming on too!) ~ I met Melissa back in 2006 when I signed up with her to be a wine consultant for an in-home wine tasting company called The Traveling Vineyard.

Our friendship was not long to follow. The two of us are a perfect pairing together in a contrasting way, much like Roquefort and Sauternes (the delicious stinky french bleu cheese and the botrytized sweet wine from the Graves region in Bordeaux). In case you are wondering … I am the Roquefort :P

Told you I was the Roquefort! Hahahaha!

But there are a few things that bond us immensely … our love for food, traveling, jazz, social events, and most importantly WINE! To learn more about Melissa Unsell read her ‘about’ section here and if you need to be reminded, my ‘about’ section is here. ~ I am so happy to be bringing in a new vinous personality to this blog! I hope this addition will attract a whole new set of readers and be appreciated by the current VS readers as well. ~ Melissa will be posting under the category “Vinously Chic by Melissa Unsell“. On the main page of Vinously Speaking you will find both our posts listed together, but if you want a list of only ‘Vinously Chic’ posts, all you have to do is click on the “Vinously Chic by Melissa Unsell” tab in the navigation section underneath that crazy header picture of me, right under “About The Ceci Sipper” and “In-Home Food & Wine Pairing Events”. ~ Some examples of the types of posts Melissa will be doing are:

“Can’t match a wine to your outfit? Pair it with to your accessories”

“Serve the right kind of wine to match your home decor”

“Planning a fashion show? Offer wines to pair with your new line”

“Sipping wine with matching make-up can make or break the photo”

“Wearing in-season fashions and pairing them with in-season wines!”

“How to be Vinously Chic at any wine event!” ~

I can’t freaking wait to have these posts “working their way down the runway”. Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks better watch out!

3 thoughts on “Vinously Chic ~ A new addition to Vinously Speaking!

  1. Love this idea! I’m like you- I also hate hate hate clothes shopping! And shoes? I kind of figure if they figure if the cover my feet I’m good. I always see people’s pictures of them wine tasting and always wonder how they managed to look so chic! :)

    1. Thank you! Glad you like the new idea :) I am all about bringing in new people with different qualities/likes/niches to open up the wine blog to a wider audience. I am thinking that in the future we need to merge our blogs and go to The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival!!! How awesome would that be?

  2. That would be awesome! I’ve always wanted to go to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival! I went to Epcot last year and got to try some different wines/beer at their World Showcase. I imagine the festival is even better with a bigger selection of stuff to try! I usually go to the Food & Wine Festival at California Adventure but they aren’t having it this year. Boo!

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