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Vinously Chic in the Vineyard!


Imagine …

You live in a great state that is host to a slew of wineries.  You decide to host a wine tour for you and your fabulous friends on a glorious Spring afternoon.  Since the term “Vinously Chic” is now commonplace, you must dress as such.  Are you ready?  Do you have the perfect Vinously Chic outfit – one fit for the warm weather and the vines?  
You may be smirking (thinking to yourself, “of course I have the perfect outfit”, or perhaps you’re thinking “are you kidding? I could care less!”)
I’ll have you know, this is something that weighed heavy on my mind in 2009 when deciding what to wear during my first outing into the Burgundian Vineyards.  I was in such suspense – gearing up for my first ride down the Route des Grands Crus in the Cote D’Or!  I finally opted for my BCBG purple ruffly blouse, my nice denim, and my new french shoes.  Whew, I’m the color of the grapes and boy does that look nice standing in those vines!  Success!
So, back in South Texas, it was actually time for me and the Ceci Sipper to play host to a wine tour in the lovely Hill Country with the UTSA Alumni.  Here we go again…what do I wear?!  A sundress, shorts, something purple again (well, I already did that).  So, I opted for my lovely Cynthia Steffe green romper – perfect in the vines, and for the TX heat!  Here I am enjoying a glass of Dry Rose at our first stop, Becker Vineyards.  I have been lucky enough to meet Cynthia – she is endearing and inclusive – and I love wearing her designs. 
Our first stop was immensely enjoyable.  The Ceci Sipper and I opted to purchase a bottle of vino and soak up the Vineyard Lifestyle.
I sat on the wooden bench on the outdoor pavilion and gazed at the lavender fields – awe, as if in Provence (with my dry rose in hand)!  If only!  But, thank you, Richard and Bunny Becker, for transporting my guests and I to a land far away.
Our next stop was Pedernales – a delightful new(ish) winery (2008) that is using it’s trademark Tempranillo to put it on the map.  We enjoyed tasting 12 wines in the cellar. 
Our third and last stop was Grape Creek.  We enjoyed a Tuscan setting on the iron clad furniture in the outdoor {Tuscan, ok Texas} sun!
We couldn’t resist ‘striking a pose’ in the vines! 
So, if I have you convinced to take more than a minute to consider what “Vinously Chic” outfit in which to adorn yourself for a day in the vines, let me give you some stellar options….
Be one with the grapes in this airy, effortless Diane Von Furstenburg. Be sure to sip the Becker Vineyard Provencal (Dry Rose) while wearing this dress, as this wine is effortlessly enjoyable and refreshing!
Exude the vine life in this sharply green Rebecca Taylor dress. Look even sharper sipping the Pedernales Tempranillo that exudes a hint of spice and cherry. 
I love rompers, and wish I had this Shoshanna in my wardrobe. Sip on the delicate Grape Creek Viognier while doning this outfit. 
Which one would you choose for your outing?!  (Leave comment below). 
{And, just for fun – did you know that scroop is the rustling, swooshy sound ballgowns make. More specifically, it’s the sound produced by the movement of silk?  A new word for us fashionistas to use!}
Voguishly Yours, Melissa

2 thoughts on “Vinously Chic in the Vineyard!

  1. Melissa: Love the Becker Viognier. Hope you had a chance to sample that one. There are some really good wines to be had in Texas. take care, Phil / wadcorp


    1. Phil – I’m glad you like TX wines as much as we do! The Becker Viognier is delightful!

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