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~*~*~ Fete de la Vigne ~*~*~* pt1

~ The Festival of the Vine ~

Well my friends, summer is coming to a close…but the great news is that it’s “HARVEST TIME!!!” Time to get those yummy grapes off the vine and into those barrels!! This 60th ‘Festival of the Vine’ not only marks the harvest of the coming weeks but also the “vine” that connects the cultures of the world and so to celebrate that, the city of Dijon puts on this celebration of international folklore dances and music alongside food and wine! It started out as a festival of the Burgundian folklore, but has since increased to include groups from all around the world. They compete each year for Gold, Silver & Bronze metals. They must have live musicians and they compete through both parade and concert performances.

I went to the parade part of this celebration this last Sunday and took videos of as many groups as I could! I hope you enjoy! This will all be posted in 3 parts as there are several videos. So here is the first group of videos and their country they are from:





Stay tuned for the next group of videos!

And remember wine is not only a magical beverage, it is a magical connector of food, culture and community! But go pour yourself a glass anyways!!!

Until the next post!

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours
The Ceci Sipper

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