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2005 Julien Schaal Riesling

“Les 5 Pierres”
translated: “The 5 Stones”

Raise your hand if you like Riesling….
(if you really did raise your hand, you are my favorite! If you didn’t, you haven’t drank enough wine today)

Even though I am a red wineR….I really do enjoy the Rieslings like “les 5 Pierres” from the Alsace region of France. Especially with spicy asian food! Mmmmm!!

I don’t know what I like best about Riesling, its flavors or its story? Ok, who I am I kidding, I like it because it is wine and after a few glasses…life is goooooooood!! But Alsacian wine has a great story that pairs nicely with it! Let me share what I know…

So when you think of Alsacian Riesling….think Tug-O-War. Ya heard me! Tug-O-Freakin-War BABY!! The kind where there is a mucky mud pit in the center! Alsace has been the rope in the Tug-O-War game between France and Germany since…..well since they didn’t like each other….so for a long time! It has changed owners four times in 75 years!!! Talk about an identity complex! So this sort of see-saw effect between cultures has left an impact on the wine of Alsace. Concerning their Rieslings…it take its dry, crisp & acidic palate from its French mother and its long, narrow & tall necked bottling from its German father. (How do you like my summary of loads of wine knowledge and reading into one analogy filled paragraph?)

So onto the Riesling I inhaled, I mean eloquently sipped, for dinner….

Twas a great one! On the nasal front, I picked up on some citrus energy, namely grapefruit. A dash of liquorice, some sort of floral happening, and a lime flirtation. Very intense and loved the very different smells!

On the palatal front: dry like a desert, rich like 50 cent, weighty like Oprah, and balanced like my check book!!

For 8.20 Euro….not bad!! not bad at all!

For the food pairing, I whipped up some spicy cream cheese samousas, a veggie noodle stir-fry & some steamed shrimp stuffing raviolis. Went oh so yummy with the Riesling!!

What is your favorite Riesling? What do you pair it with? What’s your favorite type of asian food? (Mine is Thai!!)

I look forward to your response! Until next time, next wine … Happy Sipping!

Vinously Yours & Vinously Speaking,
The Ceci Sipper

4 thoughts on “2005 Julien Schaal Riesling

  1. Ah, Riesling… the wine that shows up twice a year in the Kelly household and is thus forever connected to the recurrent traumas that are Christmas and Thanksgiving.

    I can't claim to have much knowledge or worthwhile input other than what it's like to wake up half undressed and laying on top of a bottle of Blue Nun.

  2. You are oh so welcome Julien! I absolutely loved the Riesling you made!! I look forward to each time I have the pleasure of enjoying it! I hope they do not run out at my local store! Perhaps I can come to visit your winery and see where this wonderful wine is made?!

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