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2006 Monthelie Premier Cru Roger Sauvestre

pronounced “Mone-teh-lee”

Where/What the hell is Monthelie? Sounds like the name of racing horse in the Kentucky Derby. But it is not…well I don’t know that for a fact…but what I can tell you is that it is the name of a wine region here in Bourgogne aka Burgundy aka Pinot Noir Land. If you have heard of this region, hats off to you! But unless you are a “wine-know”…you probably have not. Consider yourself lucky to be a part of this blog, because you will now be in the “wine-know” and a “wine-know”…you will know about Monthelie and stump all your friends with the 411 on a little known french wine region!! … You can thank me later.

Monthelie…. C’est la vie…

Monthelie is like the “Middle Child” It is between two wine regions that get the a lot of attention…but never underestimate the middle child! Just ask my middle sister Tori! Monthelie is a wonderful deal if you are a bit scared of the price of a bottle of Burgundy! It’s more price friendly than its pricier neighbors, Volnay and Mersault (don’t freak out if you don’t know those, we will get to them all in due time. For now, just know that they are wanted and therefore pricier they Monthelie). It holds the reputation of having some of the first vines of Burgundy planted in the year 1000. It is in the Burgundian department of ‘Cote d’Or ‘ (where Dijon is, which is the capital of Burgundy and where I am currently living and getting my Masters of Wine Business!) and more specifically in the ‘Cote de Beaune’ area of “Cote d’Or” of Burgundy. (I know Burgundy can seem a bit confusing, but stay with me! By the time I am done with the masters program here you will be a Burgundy master!) OK, back to Monthelie facts. Ummm. Produces way more red than white. Can be aged for quite a bit, compared to other surrounding Bourgogne wines. It has 176 inhabitants. And lest you forget, a great deal for the consumer!

Ok, on to MY Monthelie experience.

I had a Premier Cru. Here in Burgundy they rank their wines by Regional, Village, Premier Cru and Grand Cru. Grand Cru = Wine made from the BEST single vineyards. Premier Cru = still single vineyards but not as geographically blessed as the Grand Cru, but still pretty darn stellar. Village = made by combining the grapes from the ‘lesser’ vineyards within any given village. Regional = made by combining grapes from the entire Burgundy region.

So the wine I tasted below is not so bad eh? It is a Premier Cru, meaning it is blessed with a decent geographical location per the French AOC aka french wine governing entity.

Here it is… Made by Roger Sauvestre

A 2006…
Lovely Pinot Noir color, no?

Our dinner guest Martin tasting the wine. He says…light cherry flavor. My palate is goin’ with earthy/moist fallen leaves.

Verdict = not disappointed, but wasn’t as complex and balanced as we had hoped. So def needs to be paired with food to be a winner. Luckily I LOVEEEEEE to cook so I prepared a pizza topped with goat cheese, chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and homegrown basil leaves. Went perfectly with the wine. The sun-dried tomatoes really complemented the wine. I will buy again, but only if serving with dinner, not a wine to drink alone.
Thanks for joining me again on my wine tasting adventures! I hope to hear about your wine stories as well! I am counting down the days until my Masters of Wine Business Program starts here in Dijon!! Here is the link for it, if you are interested in seeing what I will be up to! I actually got to meet one of my future classmates, Dan Lauten (shout out to him)!! He is a fellow Texan, by way of Australia! We had such a blast together! We were only supposed to meet up for pre-dinner drinks, but ended up hanging out until midnight!! Such a great personality! I know this program coming up is 100% for me!! I am so stoked to meet my other classmates in less than a month! I also can’t wait to share that experience with you, my wonderful blog readers!!
Until next time!
Vinously yours,
The Ceci Sipper

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