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2007 Saint Romain Thibault-Fevre ‘Sous Le Chateau’

Moving about 3.5 miles west from the wine region of last entry we come across one of the yummiest wine regions in Burgundy, Saint Romain. It produces both red and white, aka pinot noir and chardonnay. Please do not fall into the trap of asking what grape varietals are used in a Burgundy. It will always be Pinot Noir for red and Chardonnay for white with the two exceptions of white Aligote and red Gamay/Passetoutgrains which will be stated on the label in huge letters SO ONE MORE TIME for all you wine newbies. Burgundy: Pinot Noir grapes for Red and Chardonnay for white.** If you already knew that, pat yourself on the back and I send you an imaginary bottle of your favorite Burgundian wine. =P

Ok, off my soapbox and back to St. Romain. Yummy wine. Outrageously small wine producing region, but if you can get your hands on it, it will be worth the money and the time! I find the whites are more pronouced and like to show off, but the reds are still something of a charm.

About St. Romain. You can read up on it’s history here on their website (it is in english =))

So the St. Romain wine I had…

It was white. (You better know the grape varietal)

Frenchie and I picked up this bottle at the St. Romain wine festival we went to!
(FYI, if you are new to my blog, Frenchie is my french boyfriend. We met in San Antonio and have been together for 2 years. He will be referred to as Frenchie for comical purposes. Love you suparpie!!)
Doesn’t that color make your mouth water?

I would swim in a pool of this stuff. With the snorkel turned upside down to use as a straw!

Time for the Gary Vaynerchuk SNIFFY SNIFF!
(I love his shows !!! You should check him out! http://tv.winelibrary.com/ It is a great way to learn about wine, laugh a lot, and have some great wine lingo to use next time your speaking ‘wineaux’)

It was a slap in the face of apple sauce! Some passion fruit, and light cassis note, which is usually a red wine smell, but that was what I was picking up. Also some light tuna can. I know I just ruined your mental image of this smell session, but a can tuna smell isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For that matter, there are a ton of ‘off smells’ of wine that can be a great thing once you taste it. For example, poop, wet leaves, soil, animal armpits? hahaha But trust me, the more you smell. taste, and enjoy wine, the more you will identify with what I am trying to tell you. What was the last ‘off smell’ you experienced in a wine? Did you enjoy the wine in the end? A corked wine doesn’t count as an answer.
That is not me foggin’ up the glass, the chilled wine left some condensation. So get off my case!
Ooooooo. Sooooo Goood!!!

You gotta get some of this!!
Ok so the night did not end there! We finished the bottle, made a mad dash to our favorite wine and jazz bar here in Dijon and drank the equivalent of 2.5 bottles between the two of us. Not a bad Friday night huh?
Here’s my Frenchie

White wine makes me feel SASSY!

Thanks for joining me while I Saint Romain-ed IT UP!!!
Hope you are having a wine filled week!!
Don’t forget to let me know: What was the last ‘off smell’ you experienced in a wine that you enjoyed drinking?
Seeeee you next post! Cheers!
Vinously Yours & Vinously Speaking,
The Ceci Sipper

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