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30 Years of Wine Trends

If you didn’t know, my favorite magazine of all time is Food & Wine (F&W). So if any of you living in the states right now want to be generous, you are welcome to mail me this magazine here in France. (They unfortunately do not deliver here) Until you do, I will have to do with the shortened version online. But that is still alright with me. They offer amazing articles on wine and their recipes and articles on food are mouth-watering to say the least.
In my browsing of F&W I came across an article that is just plain fantastic. It is called “30 Years of Wine Trends: A concise history from the world’s most famous wine critic” written by the ever-famous, ever-criticized Robert M. Parker, Jr. Now I know many people blame his 100 point system for many reasons, but we can all agree that he knows his wine facts and can legitly summarize the last 30 years of wine trends. This article is great for any of you who are still novices at wine and even more useful for those of you who think you know a thing or two.
This is a great jumping off point to do more reading or researching on the trend(s) you find most appealing. It gives you some great wine names to know, some great conversations starters and at the very least you will have some great topics to bring up next time you are find yourself in a conversation about wine! You will look like the total wineaux!
Here is the link to the main page of the article: Robert Parker: 30 Years of Wine Trends
I really encourage you to read it! In its entirety it will take you at most 20 min to read. Below are the trends he discusses, each with its own individual page and each one is linked to the respective page. (each one consists of only a few paragraphs, so it is ‘busy-agenda friendly’
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In Vino Veritas (and wine trends!) May your glass always be full of wine that tickles your fancy! &
May your spirit be full of passion to keep discovering all that is wine! Cheers! Salud! Sante!
Hope to hear your feedback! Until the next post!
Ceci to the Americans & Veronique to the French

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