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An Example of a Non-Professional Wine Tasting

So there comes a time in any wine professional’s life when they are faced with a non-professional wine tasting. This was one of those times for me.

(Yes, I do consider myself a wine professional and there is nothing you can do about it)

So it all began on a Saturday afternoon in a little wine producing village called Auxey-Duresses….for you non-french speakers out there…”Oh-Say Der-Esss”

It was the 13th annual “Coup d’Oeil, Coup de Coeur” Wine Tasting Festival!! (non-french speakers, “Koo-Doy Koo-deh-Kur” and that translates to “Take a Peak & Sudden Violent Passion” (I know it sounds like a XXX/BDSM thing….but it was not)

These little wine producing villages in Burgundy do these sorts of showcase weekends to highlight the wine from their neck of the woods. It is also a great opportunity to meet the wine producers and see the cellars of the different domaines/producers. Not to mention you get to keep the tasting glasses!! I have quite the collection =)!!

Auxey-Duresses is near the wine producing villages of Meursault and St. Romain, combining the richness and fullness found in Meursault wines with the mineral-ish action found in wines from St. Romain. If this is sounding like a foreign language to you….than think of it this way…Meursault is blue and St.Romain is red and as the middle, Auxey-Duresses (A-D) is the purple! It is also close to Volnay & Monthelie, other wine producing villages in Burgundy. A-D produces white wines on the southern facing slopes and red wines on the northern facing ones, the terroir takes in the heat from the sun thus producing very ripe grapes at the harvest. It is a rather small region, measuring 402 acres(170 ha).

SO… I am sure you are ready to see the pictures and videos….so here we go! Well, I change my mind…I am way too excited to get these videos out to you….so I will post this entry, then load up the pictures from this event tomorrow in a separate entry! I hope you enjoy the videos!! And remember, always always always know your limits when drinking! You should drink with moderation the majority of the time and for those occasions when you drink more, please do not drink and drive! Enjoy the videos!!! See you on the next entry with the photos from Auxey-Duresses!

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours,
The Ceci Sipper!


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