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Do you have a favorite wine store?

Do you have a favorite wine store? If you don’t you should feel ashamed of yourself! That means you are not drinking enough wine!! Do you prefer to buy your wine from a local store, from a friend’s boutique, from the supermaket or d-I-rect from the winery?

Personally, I get ’em wherever I can. (Kinda sounds a little Debbie Does Dallas, no?)
I do have a bit of an advantage, being that I live in the middle of Burgundy! I can find a decent bottle at the major supermarket and I have the luxury of having the ‘Route des Grandes Crus’ just minutes away from me, so that Clos de Vougeot is basically my backyard! But enough bragging! Let’s talk business, new wine business that is. I think I have found the wine shop that is after my own heart!! It right here in downtown Dijon and it is called ‘Ô Gré du Vin’ The Facebook Group & The Website Look it up!! And for your viewing enjoyment here is a video tour of it as well:

If you are reading this on Facebook, please visit this entry on my actual blog page, vinouslyspeaking.blogspot.com because there is a video inserted above

The owner, Bertrand Joinville, the warmest, most passionate, extremely knowledgeable and helpful wine shop owner I have ever met!!

Some of the wine from this store, each one of them has rocked my world! Bertrand really knows how to pick em!! All of his wine comes from small producers and the majority of whom support bio-dynamic or organic wine growing/making processes.
He offers free tastings every week, the tasting board changes each week. And the most wonderful thing about him is that he will sit down with you and tell you about each wine as if it were a child of his! And believe me, you won’t leave his store without at least one bottle in your hand! They are thaaaat gooood!! And on an even more fantastic note, each week he will be conducting tastings especially for the Masters of Wine Business students! We heart you Bertrand!!

I am so happy to share my little treasure from my wine world to yours! I would love to hear about yours as well. Feel free to send me an email ([email protected]) with photos, video or the website of your favorite wine store!

Look forward to our next meeting!

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours,
The Ceci Sipper
*in case you are wondering (‘Ceci’ comes from my middle name ‘Cecilia’ and has been the name I have been called since I was a baby. I use my first name ‘Veronique’ here in France, as it is a typical french name…feel free to call me either)

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