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Gallery 412: Featuring Domaine Denis Carre, Hautes Cotes de Beaune & Domaine Faiveley, Mercurey

So there was this french guy, we will call him Frenchie to maintain his privacy =) So Frenchie, happens to speak english very well and he did a favor for a friend of ours who works at the restaurant ‘Gallery 412’ here in Dijon, France, by translating their french menu into english. To return the favor, the restaurant was gracious enough to offer us a complimentary “Food & Wine”-gasm =P…..OMG….the french do know how to whip things up in the kitchen! The following has been submitted as photographic evidence…

We started out by being offered a glass of 100% authentic CHAM- freakin-PAGNE!!! Any night that begins with legit Champagne is gonna be a good night! I was a bad blogger and forgot to photograph the bottle for you folks =(

Frenchie, the translator

The Ceci Sipper, The Blogger you love!

We were then told there was no menu, the chef was creating each plate just for us!!! I don’t know about you but there is nothing better than throwing the menu out and letting the chef work his magic and create whatever he wants! I am scared of no food….except chocolate….GASP….yes, yes, I know….I am abnormal. I am probably part of the 5 people in the world who cannot stand chocolate. Don’t hate me….I am just strange….actually ‘strange’ is my middle name. But outside of chocolate….I fear no food =)

Course #1 – Amuse Bouche of Jesus sausage in the wooden cup, gougeres, mini quiches, escargot bread rounds and I can’t remember what was in the spoon, but it was yum and it was gone into the depths of my tummy in 2 seconds!

Course #2. Pumpkin pie (not like the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie) this one is from real pumpkin and resembles a quiche in taste. Mmmmm! Very, very delightful!

The wine that accompanied our first 2 courses! Ahhhhhh it was AMAZING!!! It was everything I want a Burgundy white to be! It was round, with a dancing acidity. It coated the palate like a big hug and had some peachy, appley notes. I loved the nose of fruit. On the palate it was like a peach cobbler!! Mmmm! Here is a link on the wine.

There’s the glass view of the wine!

Course #3 MUAH-HA-HA-HA….Variations on EPOISSES!!!! (pronounced “eh-pwos”) ONLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHEESES!!!!!!! If you don’t know EPOISSES or at least a cheese similar to it….get on that, stat! This was an egg white and EPOISSES foam (duh, in the egg) then the bread was smothered in EPOISSES!!!! and the big round thing with salad greens on top is EPOISSES mousse!!! Ugh SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!

The next wine to accompany our course #4: Very burgundian pinot noir, hints of red fruits on the nose, some earthiness (typical in Burgundy reds), some mushroom scents, a smoky background (loved that part), it had a very nice structure and held up well for each taste! Went great with our next course! A link with an interview with the Domaine Faiveley

View of the glass!

Course #4. Beef Filet and Truffle Risotto (ooooh my! DELICIOUS!)

Dessert was a variation on CARAMEL!!! YUM!!! It had a caramel candy cage, caramel ice cream, and caramel cream puff on the inside! And………


Now for the fun photos from the night…

The gal who made it all happen, Emelie!

Caramel Candy Fun!!

I know you aren’t supposed to play with your food, but heck….I do!!!

WHOA, Forgot the zoom, hahaha!

Vinous Readers…..I hope you enjoyed. Maybe a little jealous too?
I am telling you, you gotta come visit me so we can have adventures like this together! Wine included!!!

Thanks for reading and being a part of my life of wine, food, fun and great people!
Invite your wine drinking, wine curious friends to join us here on Vinously Speaking!

AND….. 11 days til I am state side!!! Can’t wait to be home in Texas for the holidays!!!! Any fans want to meet up in San Antonio??

Vinously Speaking & Vinously Yours,
The Ceci Sipper

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  1. Oh my, this meal looks delightful! I am especially jealous of that creative caramel dessert – I love caramel!!

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