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Gastronomic Recap: Food + Wine (and a Splash of Fashion)

By Vinously Chic aka Melissa Unsell My adventures this week, lucky for me, have included some tasty gastro-delights and unique wines. Here is a fun, quick recap of my small indulgences. A date night at BLISS, a new South Town eatery, proved to put me in a state of bliss. The endive salad was fresh and amazing, with an assortment of pears, apples, and cheese that proved to be a symphony of soft and crunchy textures. The fresh made pasta with a blend of goat cheese and ricotta sent my cheese-loving palate into pure happiness. Dessert was just as divine – a chocolate mousse with a bit of sea salt and caramel garnished with caramel popcorn. Bliss indeed.  All washed down with a zesty Gruner Vetliner from Austria.  Yum! A diversion to Austin delighted me with a wonderful white Cotes du Rhone, refreshing and crisp with the right amount of acidity. The risotto was a delight with Meyer lemon, pine nuts and goat cheese. The crab cakes were insatiable – with hot spices and mini tortilla chips. The Mac and Cheese was the ultimate in comfort food. Delicious and pleasing for all. For dessert we opted for both a palate cleanser and a touch of sweetness with the Champagne Sorbet. The perfect ending to a delightful meal. (Click to enlarge and view the photos below). Speaking of sorbet – you’ll want to make sure your Spring 2012 wardrobe boasts several sorbet-inspired colors.  It will be all the rage this season.  I’ve started embracing the sorbets with my lovely tangerine sorbet scarf.  It’s my go-to accessory lately.  Pleasing to the eyes, and the palate.  Other colors you’ll want to collect are: canary, deep blue, poppy, and grassy green.  Cheers!     VOGUISHLY YOURS, MELISSA        

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