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Get Your Green On

By Melissa Unsell of Vinously Chic

Fall is upon us (well, if you’re in San Antonio it still feels like summer).  Nonetheless, Fall is here and my all time favorite trend for the season is GREEN.  That’s right – I deem each of you green queens and kings this season.  Mix and match different shades and go crazy.  Trust me, you will be hailed for your efforts.  Feel free to draw inspiration from some of my favorite looks.

This Emily Dress is an economical choice, at only $79 on piperlime.



Accessories are also a great way to incorporate this trend.  Remember to wear this green scarf with another green piece in your ensemble.


This jacket is o’ so chic and just so happens to incorporate another trend – leather!


This Christopher Kon Bag is also a must.


And while you are feeling green and looking green, you might as well be sipping either eco-friendly, organic wine or wines that have hints of grass of herbs.

I actually tried a delightful Moscatel recently that was surprisingly delicious with a zing of dryness that I could not resist.

It’s made with 100% Muscat Alexandria and is quite the find.

I shall toast to that, and my favorite trend.  Here’s to being green!


Voguishly Yours,

Melissa Unsell

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